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22 Stunning Window Treatment Ideas to Add Style and Privacy for Every Room

By Indah Nur Ariviani February 4, 2021

When designing a room, we often too focus on the layout, wall colors, and furniture. Windows are often underestimated, considered only as the complement of the room and often taken for granted. The thing is, giving treatment to the windows could enhance the view of your room. Which makes the reason why you need these window treatment ideas.

From dramatic drapes, blackout blinds, to luxury design, you can have the window treatment the way you want it. Not just an icing on the cake, window treatment could be an important focal point in the room, as well as creating a certain impression such as making the room seems larger or tinier.

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Install Bamboo Shade

01) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Install Bamboo Shade

The earthy-themed room has plenty of wooden things to look at. Starting from the flooring up to the ceiling, which is – to be noticed – made of bamboos. The traditional bamboo blinds not only outline the nature-driven theme, but also giving a rather vintage and homey touch to the design.

Match the Theme

02) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Match the Theme

Glamour and fancy are two things we can say about this bedroom. Everything is so prettily color-coordinated, which is very pleasing to look at. The fancy window treatment turns out to be matching with the canopy just above the headboard. Both of them serve as perfect focal points.

Feature Drapes

03) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Feature Drapes

In case you don’t know, the right window treatment could make your room even brighter. You can play with colors and pattern especially when the room has a basic color like white. The orange curtains didn’t come out of nowhere: look at the tissue box and roses on the table. Paying attention to the smallest details never hurt anyway.

Drapes and Shades Combo

04) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Drapes and Shades Combo

If one window treatment is not enough, you can always use two. Combine the floor-length drapes with blocking shades. Come in the different shades of gray, the shade noticeably comes with patterns, something the drapes don’t have. However, both of them are balancing each other.

Play With Gray-Toned Shade

05) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Play With Gray-Toned Shade

Window treatment doesn’t always have to be different and stand out from the rest of the room. You can make it subtle yet still noticeable. Like the shades that have the same shade of gray, but with a little texture on it. You can change the color any time you want an even add patterns if you feel it is necessary.

Opt for Floral Drapes

06) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Opt for Floral Drapes

Flower drapery can flaunt a dreamy feeling of a room, creating a light and easy vibe. The pretty dining table has a large window with matching draperies widely open. Interestingly, the opened curtain channels the twin quirky chandelier above the table.

Employ Patterns

07) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Employ Patterns

Wooden bed, patterned carpet, and the Ottoman sofa are the important elements we need for a Mediterranean style bedroom. But everything will not be looking this beautiful if the windows are taken for granted. The drapes has two different colors and pattern, with the striped upper parts give out a strong beach style, matching with the vast sea peeking through the windows.

Choose Elegance

08) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Choose Elegance

While we tend to let the drapery’s tail to float just above the floor, you can let it sweep as well. All you need is giving the drapery a little twist to make it more elegant. Such as by picking the brick orange color which has a strong elegant look and feel.

Add Patterned Shades

09) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Add Patterned Shades

Again, and again, patterns save it all. The wall has an intriguing shade of blue and it is purposely left empty. With no existence of wall art or décor, imagine how plain the upper part of the room will be looking like. Thank goodness the shades come with floral patterns, which even though subtle but enough to be noticed.

Go for Roman Shades

10) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Go for Roman Shades

Transform the look of your bathroom into extraordinary with these elegant-looking roman shades. Aside from enhancing the look, the shades help control the scorching light and gives you some privacy as well! Of course, you can have it in different colors, but light brown is the right fit to match the low wooden table and ladder.

Show Bold Red Curtains

11) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Show Bold Red Curtains

Red is the color of fiery and boldness. It never fails to induce energizing and cheerful charm into the room. Having your drapes in the same shade of red like the rest of the dining room is not a bad idea. Red could improve the appetite and the taste of your food too.

Deal With Teal Tone

12) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Deal With Teal Tone

A well-designed living room with a little eclectic touch has an interesting layout. Two large windows serve as the background of the main sofa, which is why it shouldn’t be left empty. Teal may not exist in the room before, but the drapes in the color definitely makes the room more elegant. It meets with the cheerful charms of pink and pattern, as well as the vintage side desk on the corner.

Bring the Traditional Motif

13) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Bring the Traditional Motif

Traditional style has its own charm that makes us want to go back. However, when the room is full already and seems like no space is left, the window shade can show itself too. Look at how beautiful the pattern looks as it is illuminated by the sunlight outside. Giving a such laid-back mood in the packed library.

Use White Color

14) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Use White Color

A room with a strong neutral color in it is filled with sunlight peeking through the door blinds. One unique point is that the window treatment is used on the door, the only source of light in the room during the day. However, the see-through material produces a dramatic effect, distorting the light in a fancy way.

Let the Blind Stand Out

15) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Let the Blind Stand Out

If you have been wondering whether it’s okay to have a contrasting window treatment, then here’s the answer. Among the basic white color that dominates the wall. The pinkish-red blind works as an accent and focal point as well. It’s not random, though, because the color is coordinated with the desk and appears through the ornaments as well.

Create a Moody Vibe

16) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Create a Moody Vibe

Winter colors, which often represented by blue, always gives you this moody feeling when it comes to design. As much as it is inviting, you always be persuaded to spend time in there. To make a statement, don’t forget to add some unique treatment to the windows – this time is the vintage maroon floral valances.

Charming Color Plays

17) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Charming Color Plays

In the modern and minimalist room, you might not want to put too many patterns in it. As the design may look plain, you can opt for vibrant colors for the window treatment. The three-colored curtains have two different purple and gray between them, contrasting yet channeling its shade to the surrounding.

Infuse Vibrant Hues

18) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Infuse Vibrant Hues

Popping colors is very energizing, waking you up to your sense from the first glance. The combination of three different colors for the seating area – neon yellow, orange, and tosca – are very charming but not too much against the white wall. The look is completed by the purple blinds, which is in transparent magenta.

Show the Rainbow Color

19) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Show the Rainbow Color

Space behind the headboard is often used as the accent wall. With a window above it, you still can create one by giving a nice treatment to the window. Instead of the usual blinds, the rainbow colors give a certain popping feeling, which perfectly suitable for a teenage bedroom.

Be Modest & Stylish

20) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Be Modest & Stylish

With an oval room surrounded by windows, it only means you have a lot of space to work with. Balancing the vintage mood and design, the windows are covered by valances at the top with modest yet stylish design. Note that the room consistently uses the same color palette, which looks even more elegant.

Adapt Beach Theme

21) Window Treatment Décor Ideas - Adapt Beach Theme

With shiplap wooden flooring, white walls, and visible white beams on the ceiling, this one is undoubtedly a beach-themed house. The selection of woven blinds for the windows is just right, channeling the nature outside and enhancing the homey and lazy feeling of the design.

Indah Nur Ariviani[Editor]
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