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22 Teal Bedroom Ideas for an Appealing Bedroom

By Indah Nur Ariviani July 13, 2020

If you are looking for an energetic yet soothing vibe, this teal bedroom ideas is probably all you need. A color full or versatility – be it as the primary color or complementary shade, teal is a timeless artwork that is rich in accent and breathes life in any design.

Put the color in your bedroom, then you can create any vibe you want. Teal itself is not hard to be paired with any other colors, capable of both presenting elegant mood with dark hues or more popups with vibrant colors. Also, It unsurprisingly matches well with natural elements like wood, stone, as well as lush greenery. What else can you make with this particular shade of color? Find out more about it in our recommendation below.

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Bring Out the Accent

Bring Out the Accent - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Dark teal will undoubtedly stand out against the all-white design of your bedroom. Put the color behind the headboard, make it work as an accent wall, and you get your own teal bedroom. It may not much, but the fact that teal being the only vivid color is enough as a statement.

Popping Purple

Popping Purple - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Leave the all-white, make room for all-teal bedroom with pops of purple. The wall, bed platform, and even the fluffy rug are all in teal, yet the touch of white from the curtain and bedding giving an airy-dreamy teal into the space. Don’t let the splashes of purple let slip from your sight, though.

Face the Bookshelf

Face the Bookshelf - Teal Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom is the most private room in the house, so how you’d like to design it is completely personal. Not only choosing teal as the wall color, but the same shade also appears for a pair of bookshelf flanking the decorative wall art as well as the sofa below. Balancing the monotonous tone is the white ceiling and grayish floor.

Go Back in Time

Go Back in Time - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Canopy bed gives off an old-age feeling but with modern touch in the design. The bed is undoubtedly the focal point of the room framed with dark teal shade and light teal pattern for the bedding—such a great combination with the pair of wooden chairs on each side of the bed.

Be Cheerful on the Wall

Be Cheerful on the Wall - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Who says that a narrow bedroom should go with light shade color? You may opt for teal if you want to, and it won’t make the room any smaller. The trick is not to put too much furniture inside. But, you can maximize the empty wall for wall arts. Large windows also help to create an illusion of a more spacious room.

Bring the Bench In

Bring the Bench In - Teal Bedroom Ideas

If the teal wall and ceiling are too much for you, choose furniture with that color. The modern bed appears in teal both for headboard and platform – only the bedding is in a light color. Also, take a look at the tufted bed end bench in a matching color with the bed.

Opt for Darker Hue

Opt for Darker Hue - Teal Bedroom Ideas

For a more masculine-looking and elegant-style bedroom, opt for darker hues for the room. The headboard and wall behind look dark, but as it proceeding, the shade becomes lighter. The velvety platform gives a soft touch to the design, making it a well-balanced design.

Let the Shelves Float

Let the Shelves Float - Teal Bedroom Ideas

What makes the room look splendid is not the unbeatable sea view from the window but the accent wall that serves it right. Using the concept of modern design in white color, the wall behind the bed stands out with floating shelves to house wall décors.

Enhance With Pattern

Enhance With Pattern - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Don’t hesitate to play with pattern and texture. Making teal an accent wall is nothing new, but you can take it to the next level by giving a motif onto it instead. The floral accent wallpaper makes a perfect layout with the almost-empty wall on the side. It is a good idea for a small room.

Utilize the High Ceiling

Utilize the High Ceiling - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Having a high ceiling makes the room looks larger, but it becomes tricky for design. While it’s almost impossible to put decoration as high as it is, you can play with color instead. Choosing greenish teal for the wall, one shade darker for the headboard, and one shade lighter for the carpet make the room integrated and color-coordinated.

Create Balance

Create Balance - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Despite the soothing vibe teal color has, it also looks heavy somehow. This is why teal and grey make a good combination for a relaxing and stylish design. Pair the two colors with white in furniture, such as the minimalist nightstand like this one. Let it stand out against the teal background.

Look at the Moose

Look at the Moose - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Leaving a bedroom without any décor will make it look like it misses something. But what if you don’t have much space to put it in? When your floor is already full of bedroom necessity, you still have the wall to work with. Choosing teal as the accent wall, simply put a moose head at the very center of it. That’s it!

Play With Patterns

Play With Patterns - Teal Bedroom Ideas

As far as your eyes can see, there are only teal and white. Indeed white is the base with splashes of teal everywhere. However, the patterned rug on the floor steals the attention as it comes with a classic pattern, making statements to the design. Different motifs can also be seen on the accent wall and ceiling.

Make Room for Greenery

Make Room for Greenery - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Teal makes an excellent Scandinavian design; that’s a fact. It blends well with natural elements like wooden flooring, and the green in teal makes it get along well with greenery. Fulfilling the mandatory trait, put a pot on the bedside to supply you with clean air every day. As for the layered bedding, you may opt for another teal shade, but with patterns and textures to complete the look.

Bring the Romantic Feeling

Bring the Romantic Feeling - Teal Bedroom Ideas

As much as teal is versatile, it will not fail to create any vibe you want. Even though it is not the first option for either luxury or romantic design, with the right ambiance and combination, you can make one. In this case, yellow lights from the nightstands and chandelier and the golden pillows undoubtedly evoke the romantic feeling.

Meet the Shade

Meet the Shade - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Seems like they don’t match, but it turns out they do. It’s what happens to teal and soft purple. Thanks to the uncommon combination, both colors make an elegant bedroom. Also, don’t be afraid of teal on teal since you can outline the difference with patterns or different shades. Note that teal serves as an accent wall, making a sophisticated design without being too much.

Go Simple

Go Simple - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Simple but stylish, the bedroom is very inviting as it promises an enjoyable, lazy day. Using dark teal with “messy” finish as the background, each element in the room stands out perfectly on its own, including the string ball pendant light, which looks like a full moon in a dark sky.

Organize It!

Organize It! - Teal Bedroom Ideas

If you are a space-savvy kind of person, being organized is a must. It helps you to make the room look neat and clean as you stuff everything behind cabinets. While it’s impossible to have all-teal closets and cabinets, you may opt for dark wooden color instead and put the teal as an accent wall behind the bed. Be different by installing a tufted panel for the accent, though.

Opt for Style

Opt for Style - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Just with the all-teal bed will be enough for it to be called the teal bedroom. However, pay attention to other elements, how it was chosen and organized not to beat the focal point. Such as the sunburst lighting that fills up the empty wall and ceiling. Simple and stylish.

All Over the Teal

All Over the Teal - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Have you been wondering how it will turn out for an all-teal room? This one might give you a good example. You can even create an eclectic bedroom with many colors and patterns. But it doesn’t mean you can randomly put everything in – the pink headboard is not there without reason: look at the pink herringbone tiles on the floor.

Be Creative

Be Creative - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Another minimalist teal bedroom ideas. Paint the whole side of the wall with teal, then give wall art for décor. To make the color stands out, make sure you don’t put too many artworks, or else the attention will be driven to them instead of the color itself.

Combine With Woods

Combine With Woods - Teal Bedroom Ideas

Wood and teal is a perfect match. It can give a subtle industrial touch to the design with metal ornaments to the furniture. Wooden bed and nightstands, large and high windows, and metal legs create a fusion of minimalist, modern, and industrial style.

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