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22 Bold and Quirky Red Bedroom Ideas

By Indah Nur Ariviani August 18, 2020

Choosing the color themes for the bedroom is one of the most crucial things about designing it. These bold and quirky red bedroom ideas may give you some inspiration since red has the power to brighten up the mood and embolden the appearance. Red not only symbolize power and energy, but it is also good for your metabolism.

Seeing red would recharge your energy and giving you a good night’s sleep, so you are ready for another busy day tomorrow. You can add red to the bedroom in many ways. Subtly slipping it in through bedding or accent wall, or going bold for good with the overwhelming red.

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Create an Accent Wall

01) Red Bedroom Ideas - Create an Accent Wall

An accent wall is a big statement for any room, including this cozy red bedroom design. Even though it’s only one side of the wall, but its presence overshadows the rest of the room. Shiplap wall included in the most common accent wall and painting it red makes a perfect finishing. Don’t be afraid to make it vividly red, but balance the other with basic colors.

Show the Luxury of Damask Pattern

02) Red Bedroom Ideas - Show the Luxury of Damask Pattern

Nothing match white better than red. The combination of red and white exudes calm and boldness at the same time, creating a balanced mood to the bedroom. You can use a removable accent wall using carpet with luxurious patterns like damask. It exudes the middle east feeling so strong that the room feels alive.

Get Colorful Carpet

03) Red Bedroom Ideas - Get Colorful Carpet

Opt for more pop up appearance for your modern master bedroom by using many shades of the red carpet and cover the whole floor with it. The carpet gives a brighter appearance in contrast to the dark wall, accentuating every single stuff placed on it.

Arrange Cozy and Comfy Seating

04) Red Bedroom Ideas - Arrange Cozy and Comfy Seating

You can add splashes of red and still call it a red bedroom. This vintage bedroom is dominated by white with a dark wooden floor, but the presence of red seating area and pillow breath life into it. Use shade and pattern to make it more playful and stylish. As red is already bright enough, it is best to combine it with neutral colors.

Pick Black and Red

05) Red Bedroom Ideas - Pick Black and Red

The combination of red, black, and white for your master bedroom can never get us enough. Framed in white wall and ceiling for the upper part, this bedroom appears dark and mysterious on the lower side. The dark wood flooring is completed with dark furniture such and the bed platform, seating area, and cabinet. To make it look rather bright, choose white bedding.

Make Red as the Dominant Tone

06) Red Bedroom Ideas - Make Red as the Dominant Tone

Using one color tone for the whole bedroom might not be a popular idea, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have one. This entire red bedroom has no space for other colors, except the recessed windows that appear in white. It looks arousing and mysterious at the same time, just perfect to your mood.

Energize With Eclectic Design

07) Red Bedroom Ideas - Energize With Eclectic Design

This spacious red studio apartment bedroom has a strong eclectic vibe in it. The red accent wall behind the bed framed the room perfectly, giving direction about where to look at. The large glass door and window on the side provide a clear view of the outdoor and make way to the balcony for an excellent final touch on the design.

Install a Fireplace

08) Red Bedroom Ideas - Install a Fireplace

Having a fireplace with marble mantle adds luxury to this red bedroom. The timeworn stone appears in front of vivid red walls and wraps up with decorative wall art above it. Wooden flooring and metal chair serve as an excellent complement, adding nature element to balance the already pleasing sight.

Opt for Minimalist Design

09) Red Bedroom Ideas - Opt for Minimalist Design

This narrow, minimal red bedroom has a unique bed that is hidden behind the sliding bookshelf. This makes a good idea if you are so into modernity and minimalism but couldn’t leave the style behind. To make the feature looks prominent, the rest of the room comes in a subtler color.

Set Up a Bookcase Over the Headboard

10) Red Bedroom Ideas - Set Up a Bookcase Over the Headboard

In this inviting red bedroom, an accent wall doesn’t always have to be plain and boring, as you can be a little more creative and turn a large bookshelf into one. Stack your collection neatly over the headboard with a color-coded arrangement. It helps to accentuate the red color and makes it look more dominating.

Accentuate With Red Ceiling & Rug

11) Red Bedroom Ideas - Accentuate With Red Ceiling & Rug

The painted ceiling in this modern bedroom design is an alternative if you don’t want to use an accent wall. A red ceiling which is mirrored by the rug on the floor below sets the mood right for a subtle red bedroom. The modern bedding and design produce a calm and inviting atmosphere to rest at night.

Display Appealing Color Contrast

12) Red Bedroom Ideas - Display Appealing Color Contrast

Don’t be afraid to combine red with other vivid colors in your bedroom. Red and orange make a bold accent to the bedding, creating yet another contrast with white flooring and wall. The wall art display in the far corner is a good decorative element that is prominent for the bedroom.

Pop of Red

13) Red Bedroom Ideas - Pop of Red

This stylish bedroom is wrapped with popping red colors on the wall with the red-patterned bedding for a quirky mood. With minimal clutter and ornaments, as well as the storage under the bed makes the bedroom appears clean.

Pair Red With White

14) Red Bedroom Ideas - Pair Red With White

Red and white are the perfect choice for an elegant bedroom design. Having the accent wall in red, the bed and nightstands in front of it appear in white for a pretty contrast. On the other side of the room, the white wall has red furniture pushed against it.

Decorate With Patterned Blanket

15) Red Bedroom Ideas - Decorate With Patterned Blanket

All you need to make a statement to your red bedroom is a patterned blanket. It covers almost the whole bed, looking prominent among the plain surface of the wall and wooden flooring. Channeling the blanket, other furniture also appears in red.

Paint the Ceiling

16) Red Bedroom Ideas - Paint the Ceiling

Red is definitely the last choice for a farmhouse-style bedroom as it usually dominated by subtle colors. But, you can add a splash of the bold color on the ceiling. While the room is full of white and wooden elements, give the touch of red up on the ceiling. Cover it in red and leave the beams for accent.

Make It Simple

17) Red Bedroom Ideas - Make It Simple

This minimal red bedroom shows you that if you don’t have much space to work with the design, opt for simplicity. Make a statement with the bold, red bedding in the center of the room. The velvety texture gives off a cozy vibe that guarantees you a high-quality sleep. Put on stickers on the wall behind the headboard as a low-key accent wall.

Don’t Forget Bedroom Organization

18) Red Bedroom Ideas - Don't Forget Bedroom Organization

This beautiful red bedroom design has a strong Asian vibe. The bedding area is pushed to the corner and accentuated with the red wall, as well as the Yin-Yang rack on the wall above the bed. It has such an organized layout with many storages that bring peace to anyone who looks at it.

Bask in Victorian-Style Design

19) Red Bedroom Ideas - Bask in Victorian-Style Design

In this red bedroom design, big bedding, big sofa, and luxurious chandelier are what define a Victorian style. It never fails to create an elegant vibe—Balance the bold red of the room theme with basic white color and wooden furniture. As a final touch, a carpeted floor will add coziness into it.

Be Different With Whimsical Patterns

20) Red Bedroom Ideas - Be Different With Whimsical Patterns

Highlight your red bedroom with an accent wall and channel the pattern on the pillow on the bed. The whimsical design looks unusual and unique, but it makes the room looking full already. To balance the oversized motif, opt for minimalist bedding and furniture.

Turn to Beach-Style Décor

21) Red Bedroom Ideas - Turn to Beach-Style Décor

Shiplap ceiling and wall exude a strong beach-style bedroom which is very comfy for your private sanctuary. Utilize the nook on the window for the seating area with a refreshing view of the sea outside. The combination of red, white, and woods makes the room look balanced.

Set the Mood Right

22) Red Bedroom Ideas - Set the Mood Right

This moody bedroom is covered in red paint color with the touch of the zebra pattern on the headboard. It looks modern and elegant with the velvety bedding and luxurious chandelier, finished perfectly with the sleek black flooring.

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