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28 Fabulous Red Bathroom Ideas That Burn Your Spirit

By Indah Nur Ariviani March 17, 2021

In today’s post, we’re going to reveal 28 red bathroom ideas that’ll create a strong visual.

As we all know, red color evokes boldness and fiery feel. It will rush your adrenaline in an instance and pump up your spirit every time you see it.

While there are countless colors to choose from, splashing red into your bathroom will bursts positive energy.

It doesn’t matter if you have a spacious or tiny space, this tone will transform the vibe right away.

Here, you’ll see amazing designs that utilize it as the main palette. Or, you can simply introduce it to highlight specific parts of the bathroom.

In other words: make the most of it.

Let’s find out which one is your favorite!

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Establish Traditional Design

Establish Traditional Design - Red Bathroom Ideas

Red is a classic color that matches so well with the traditional design.

In this powder room, antique furniture—corner baker’s rack, vanity cabinet, and ornate wall mirror—enriches the space with a timeless look.

Red floral wallpaper covers the upper half of the wall while white wainscoting takes up the rest. It creates an elegant, formal look.

If you have this kind of setting, make sure to install warm lighting.

A beautiful chandelier and a wall sconce looks great and matches well, as shown in the picture.

Combine With Black

Combine With Black - Red Bathroom Ideas

Having only the red color in your bathroom can be too much. So, we suggest you to combine it with other colors.

You can go with the classic black and white. They are timeless and blend well with the red shade.

Meanwhile, you can opt for wallpapers with fun design, as shown in the photo above.

The result:

A less formal interior with a whimsy personality. Excellent!

Hang an Ornate Mirror

Hang an Ornate Mirror - Red Bathroom Ideas

In this powder room, the bold red wall paint makes a strong statement.


There’s one thing that make this design stand out:

The ornate wall mirror is the key here. It is an understated feature that reflects the bold character and adds a luxury touch.

To keep things balanced out, choose neutral and calmer tones.

As you can see, the multi-colored neutral tiles on the lower half of the wall help to tone down the background nicely.

Embolden the Redness

Embolden the Redness - Red Bathroom Ideas

Want something different?

Try this upside-down bathroom design. The identical red subway tiles unite the wall and ceiling.

The domination couldn’t even be broken by the ladder shelves. Thankfully, the tub and flooring appear in natural white stone color.

Meanwhile, the use of recessed LED lightings is a smart decision. They don’t disrupt the visual flow. And with the help of white materials, they enlighten the mood gracefully.

Consider a Clawfoot Tub

Consider a Clawfoot Tub - Red Bathroom Ideas

Add some luxury touch inside this another traditional bathroom design with the clawfoot tub.

Known for its privacy nature, the tub will change the impression of the bathroom instantly.

Red and gold make a good combination, but the shades of white create a clean and minimalist look.

Show more features of the bathroom by letting the wooden ceiling to follow the original ceiling shape.

Follow the Curve

Follow the Curve - Red Bathroom Ideas

Having a tiny powder room space should not be a reason to give up style.

This simple design proves that a small corner could be made stylish with a simple touch.

Follow the natural wall curve and choose red tiles to cover its whole surface.

Don’t let the curve be covered by using a floating vanity in dark wooden color.

Save Space Using Foldable Lamps

Save Space Using Foldable Lamps - Red Bathroom Ideas

The identical-looking vanity corner is originally dominated in white—look at the floor, wall, and cabinets.

But, the presence of red accent walls and doors change it into a red bathroom.

While the vanity wall looks pretty empty, install twin foldable lamps that will help you to save some space and prevent it from looking cramped as well.

Use Mirror to Fill the Wall

Use Mirror to Fill the Wall - Red Bathroom Ideas

A bold color like red will be too much in a tiny space—it could make the room look even smaller.

This is why installing a large mirror that fills in one side of the wall will create a reflection that makes the room visually larger.

The addition of bright colors like white and yellow, as well as bright lightings, also helps with the layout.

Make Statement With Spectacular Chandelier

Make Statement With Spectacular Chandelier - Red Bathroom Ideas

The luxurious bathroom is wrapped perfectly in red and white in a balanced amount.

While it may lack decoration or ornament—aside from the heart-shaped chair—but once you look up at the ceiling, you will find this spectacular glass chandelier that makes a strong statement.

It also reflects lights perfectly, ends up brighten up the bathroom more.

Show the Glossy Surface

Show the Glossy Surface - Red Bathroom Ideas

Combining red and white results in a bright-looking room, since white lightens the strong and bold color.

This particular bathroom appears in an ultra-modern style due to the glossy surface of the wall—which happens to be in red.

See how the glossiness reflects every element in the bathroom perfectly, creating a pretty dramatic effect.

Hang the Vanity Lights

Hang the Vanity Lights - Red Bathroom Ideas

In this red and white bathroom, the wall tiles come in an array of red with tiny, detailed pieces.

At a glance, the design might look too ordinary, even with the addition of floating wooden vanity.

However, the most prominent feature would be the triple light balls that are hung just right above the sink over the corner.

For a small space, using a wall-length mirror is a great idea.

Brighten Using Large Window

Brighten Using Large Window - Red Bathroom Ideas

Among the monochromatic shades, the matte red wall undoubtedly stands out against the rest.

Since you already have a real nature painting from the floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall window, no décor addition needed.

Utilize Mosaic Tiles for Accent

Utilize Mosaic Tiles for Accent - Red Bathroom Ideas

You don’t have to cover the whole wall and flooring with red if you don’t want to, but you still can point out the vivid color.

It is best to pair white and red, making the latter as the accent that breaks up the dominance.

Such as this red mosaic accent wall that highlights the transparent glass sink.

Try Different Color Pattern

Try Different Color Pattern - Red Bathroom Ideas

White is not solely the best combination for red.

Try to be different using another color, like this sea blue color as seen in the picture.

Instead of red, blue is given pattern treatment.

It turns out, the blue patterned flooring adds dynamic to the soft red wall.

Playing With Pattern

Playing With Pattern - Red Bathroom Ideas

Pattern play will never make you go out of style. Look at the fascinating pattern combination on the wall and flooring that highlights the vanity corner.

Since the wall pattern is dominated by red with a splash of white, the flooring pattern comes in contrast—white with splashes of red.

This makes a balanced look of the bathroom design.

Opt for Quirky Wallpaper

Opt for Quirky Wallpaper - Red Bathroom Ideas

Are you looking for a feminine touch?

This cute red bathroom is the answer.

Look how the unique lips wallpaper covers the entire wall. It’s cute, quirky, and simply amazing.

A wall-mounted vanity mirror comes with the same fiery tone. It blends well with the wall covering.

We especially love the gray floor tile here. Its herringbone patterns add dimension and ground the whole room perfectly.

Put White on Red

Put White on Red - Red Bathroom Ideas

This one is a timeless combination of red and white.

Since it uses plain tiles and is tacked ordinary without any pattern applied, color blocks play will help—pay attention to the wall by the tub.

Highlight the Tub

Highlight the Tub - Red Bathroom Ideas

In a minimalist bathroom, red is probably not the number one choice.

But this one will inspire you to create a minimalist bathroom design out of those two.

Inside the clean and crisp room, the see-through neon tub appears as the focal point. It is also framed beautifully by the recessed lamps on the floor.

Splash Red Everywhere

Splash Red Everywhere - Red Bathroom Ideas

If you are worried that red will darken the bathroom mood, infuse a lot of white in it.

The bathroom doesn’t lose its red identity with plenty of color splashes everywhere.

Among the notable features are vanity backsplash, vanity cabinet, and rounded towel on the tub.

Paint Red All Over

Paint Red All Over - Red Bathroom Ideas

Show your boldness by covering and not letting an inch missing from the red coverage.

It is not too bad to have the whole floor, wall, and ceiling in one shade of red with glossy finishing.

Above the vivid color, the white furniture will look astonishing.

To add some brightness in the room, use a large window that takes up the whole side of the wall.

Going Classic With Red Tiles

Going Classic With Red Tiles - Red Bathroom Ideas

The red floor and white wall are a classic and timeless you’d love to have for your bathroom.

However, the all-white wall might look boring, but the lined accent tiles make a difference.

The addition of other colors also enhances the stylish look.

Install Warm Lights

Install Warm Lights - Red Bathroom Ideas

Create a warm mood for the bathroom using warm yellow lights.

The placement of the lights also matters.

As seen in the picture, the lighting is placed strategically above the wooden bench in the vanity area, the shower ceiling, and recessed above the transparent door.

Add Wood and Skylight on the Ceiling

Add Wood and Skylight on the Ceiling - Red Bathroom Ideas

This red bathroom with detailed wall tiles is equipped with an extraordinary ceiling: combining wooden board and skylight.

The skylight is intentionally created above the vanity to send an abundance of lights down.

Introduce Traditional Motifs

Introduce Traditional Motifs - Red Bathroom Ideas

This traditional powder room displays timeless elegance.

The bold red tone takes up the upper half of the wall while the travertine tiles extend from the lower half to the entire floor space.

Antique motifs found on the mirror frame, chair rail and vanity cabinet door are just beautiful.

Twin glass wall sconces flank the mirror gracefully. Its golden glows warm up the surrounding.

Pair It Up With Cream Hue

Pair It Up With Cream Hue - Red Bathroom Ideas

If you want to make your powder room look lively, you should see this one.

Take a look how the red wall with cream trim steals the show. It’s an instant attention-stealer.

The traditional graphic wall covering enriches this farmhouse room with traditional aesthetics.

Meanwhile, the vanity comes in with a mixture of cream and black colors. It balances out the vibrant background.

Overall, it’s attractive and stylish.

Make Use of Brown Wood

Make Use of Brown Wood - Red Bathroom Ideas

This beautiful powder room shows off how the bold red tone can fit together with brown wood elements.

The red-painted ceiling and wall décor make a strong statement and add personality throughout.

Meanwhile, the brown wood materials trim the ceiling and floor, creating a nice border.

The vanity wall mirror with wooden frame seamlessly bridges the gap and adds a pinch of rustic influence into this room.

The result is stunning. It’s bold and calm, brave yet peaceful.

Make Way for the Gray

Make Way for the Gray - Red Bathroom Ideas

This modern bathroom looks clean and refreshing at the same time.

The deep red color wraps up the vanity and the upper half of the accent wall. It strikes a bold statement and visual interest.

The gray wall and mosaic tiles on the shower room add a sophisticated visual.

And, here’s the cool thing:

The skylight provides lots of natural light that highlight each parts. Stunning!

Combine With Green

Combine With Green - Red Bathroom Ideas

This modern minimalist bathroom design is just awesome.

The green accent wall features geo patterns that adds dimension. It also serves as a perfect backdrop for the minimal vanity set.

Splash of reds found on the tub, towels, and unique pendants pops vibrant and energetic touches.

The best part?

Nature’s feel is really strong in this room. Scenic outside view is clearly visible from the corner window. Warm wood materials cover the entire floor for added calm sensation.

It’s both cheerful and serene. Perfect!

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