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21 Splendid Purple Bedroom Design Ideas for Every Personality

By Indah Nur Ariviani May 14, 2020

Many people are falling in love with purple, therefore purple bedroom design remains popular until today. Created from the combination of red and blue, purple exudes calmness and mystery, which makes the bedroom looks elegant and inviting. Purple allows you to experiment with any kind of design, be it modern, classic, or minimalist. Find out our recommendation of purple bedroom designs that you can adapt easy and fast.

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Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring - Purple Bedroom Ideas

The simple and minimalist bedroom gives everything you need. Featuring a lot of light-colored wooden elements, making the dark purple color more prominent. The headboard consists of velvety and smooth purple color flanked by wooden stripes on both sides. As the bed has a low platform, it allows a wide space above to hang a large wooden ornament. While it doesn’t seem to have abundance of natural lights, the lighting flaunts an elegant vibe to the room.

Concrete Wall

Concrete Wall - Purple Bedroom Ideas

While concrete walls may be strongly associated with the industrial style, it turns out it could be a perfect match for the purple palette. Served as the accent wall of the room, it lefts raw and untouched and uniquely mounted single floor tile is the statement of the shabby-looking wall. Instead of a table lamp, a rustic long hanging lamp is chosen instead.

Accent Wall

Accent Wall - Purple Bedroom Ideas

The design shows that having 3 colors for the bedroom won’t be too much as long as you know the right composition. As the accent wall, purple is dominating the room with the addition of the stripes on sheets. Precisely above the headboard is a classic chandelier painting as the focal point of the bedroom.

Copper Light

Copper Light - Purple Bedroom Ideas

A clean room with little details for simplicity lovers. Dark purple exudes elegance and classic vibe, completed with long-hanging copper light as the bedside lamp. The design is very much modern with minimal lights and humble bed without headboard to highlight the purple wall on the back. This simple design looks effortlessly stylish nonetheless.

City View

City View - Purple Bedroom Ideas

The modern style bedroom has a low bed facing the splendid city view. While dark purple takes up the flooring and the wall comes in a lighter shade, the curtains seem to be in between. Not only provide a nice view, but the floor to ceiling window also allows plenty of natural lights coming directly. Notice the same pattern used for the bedside lamp and desk lamp, which comes in orange just like the sofa. Avoid putting too many colors to make the purple more prominent.

Black Nightstand

Black Nightstand - Purple Bedroom Ideas

Surprisingly, purple is easily matched with many different colors and elements. There are many options for purple combination, which doesn’t always have to be white. While the whole wall and bed are occupied in different shades of purple, the monochrome headboard stands out, as well and the black bedside. The light wooden flooring is also a perfect match for the color.

Cairo Style

Cairo Style - Purple Bedroom Ideas

When the classic Cairo style meets purple, it means perfection. Just like drawing the color on a white canvas, purple blends well with other elements like the dark wooden flooring and the golden frame lining the headboard and the long stool. While the addition of black and green pillows on the bed save the room from looking monotonous.

Triple Chandelier

Triple Chandelier - Purple Bedroom Ideas

White seems to be the most favorite color to be combined with purple. Compare to the first, the latter only appears as duvet, pillowcase, and the blackout curtain. As the rest of the room is white and grey, they look prominent. The main feature of the room is the triple chandelier on both with and above to add luxury and elegance to the room.

Eclectic Purple

Eclectic Purple - Purple Bedroom Ideas

The bedroom features the eclectic purple as the blackout curtains, becoming the boldest among the lights. The contemporary bedroom uses nothing but basic white and wooden flooring, but purple indeed splashing some colors into it. Such a nice room with abundance of natural lights provided by the large window.

Soft Purple

Soft Purple - Purple Bedroom Ideas

A very soft bedroom combining white, wood, and soft purple. Simple yet functional with the storage bed and high cupboard. Soft purple serves as the accent wall behind the bed, protected enough from the direct light through the window. This room is maximizing the use of every furniture, such as placing the bedside lamp on the side desk and cupboard nook.

Purple Curtain

Purple Curtain - Purple Bedroom Ideas

A very purplish room with a very purplish curtain. The girly room uses only pastel colors that complement each other so well. As the windows are covered in see-through curtains, it allows the light to sneak in every morning, directly to the bed to bath you with vitamin D.

Bedside Fireplace

Bedside Fireplace - Purple Bedroom Ideas

Boasting the modern bedside fireplace, the rooms look warm just by looking at it. Designed in an uncommon combination of purple and teal blue, it looks authentically stylish. Covering the wall in dark purple, it surprisingly a good match for the headboard. A perfect sanctuary to nesting during a cold day.

Indoor Plant

Indoor Plant - Purple Bedroom Ideas

When your room is purple, put a purple plant as well. Indoor plants have long been a feature of the mid-century design. It breathes life to the rooms, which is very much occupied by magenta purple. The black and purple combination accent wall states the focal point of the rooms, where a Murphy folded bed lies.

Textured Wall

Textured Wall - Purple Bedroom Ideas

The uniqueness lies on the textured wall behind the bed. Instead of the common silky and smooth purple wall, it gives an artistic feeling right from the first glance. A simple bed and side table balances the wall, as well as the full-printed carpet on the floor.

Yellow Drapery

Yellow Drapery - Purple Bedroom Ideas

A room loved by little children is a room full of color. The bright combination of orange and purple looks lively, as well as the yellow drapes with the previous colors as the details. The room looks cozy with the double upholstered bed and carpeted floor.

King Master Bedroom

King Master Bedroom - Purple Bedroom Ideas

A spacious bedroom with a king-size bed at the center of it, covered in deep purple sheet and pillows. Both the flooring and wall are made of the wooden elements, but while the first appears is natural colored wood, the latter painted in pale purple. It’s a good combination with the light purple drapery that hung in front of a large window on the left.

Reading Lamp

Reading Lamp - Purple Bedroom Ideas

The contemporary bedroom has an artistic raw wooden floor which is covered in grey rug to push the purple into the light. Not only the walls, the bed, and duvet are also purple even though they come in different shades. Instead of a small bedside lamp. It features a modern reading lamp by the bed, providing an easy reading time before sleep.

Navy Blue Mix

Navy Blue Mix - Purple Bedroom Ideas

Combining two deep colors in one room will never go wrong with the perfect composition. As purple is made of blue and red, putting a splash of navy on purple makes a good combination. As the wall behind and floor below are already in a dark side, the copper hanging lamp and bedside ornament give a little light into it.

Wall Art

Wall Art - Purple Bedroom Ideas

A monochromatic bedroom saved by a splash of purple. The wall behind looks colorful, channeling the pattern of the sheet as well as the decorative pillows. Not only the furniture is in basic colors, but the wall arts above the headboard is also in black and white too.

Full Wall Cabinets

Full Wall Cabinets - Purple Bedroom Ideas

Painting the whole wall in deep purple may make the room looks dark, so you can make it as the accent wall instead. Not only different in wall painting, but the wall behind the bed also covered in full cabinets, from the floor all the way to the ceiling. The cabinets come in a natural wooden color, matching the curtain color on the other side.

Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored Furniture - Purple Bedroom Ideas

A luxurious bedroom features mirrored furniture that takes up almost all left side of the room. Using a mirror is a great idea to camouflage a small room, creating such an impression of a rather spacious room.

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