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22 Painted Ceiling Ideas to Transform Your House

By Indah Nur Ariviani July 15, 2020

Redecorating the house can be done in various ways, and sometimes, you don’t need something extreme to do so. This painted ceiling ideas can give you inspirations on how to make your house different only by changing the ceiling.

The good news is, it can be applied to any room. Be it your bedroom, living room, dining room, or bathroom, all you have to do is choosing the right colors and patterns to create certain vibes you’d like. No need to hurry, take your time to scroll down our recommendation and see which one is the most suitable for you.

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Fly to the Space

Fly to the Space - Painted Ceiling Ideas

This is a good idea for kids’ bedroom, painted ceiling serves double duty to beautify the bedroom as well as introducing space to them. With interesting visuals, their curiosity will be triggered, and they end up making questions about it. Planet miniatures that hang from the ceiling give a real picture of the galaxy situation above.

Going Artistic

Going Artistic - Painted Ceiling Ideas

Speaking about patterns, it doesn’t have to be definitive at all. Even when you don’t know what to paint on the ceiling, you may go a little artistic by choosing an abstract design. Match the colors with the overall theme of the room, and you’re good to go. As much as the design can’t be defined, you will never get enough of the beauty.

Black and White Stripes

Black and White Stripes - Painted Ceiling Ideas

Two colors combination that remains timeless and just fit to any design. Black and white will transform your ceiling to be more stylish without much change. Especially if your ceiling is originally white, not much work left to make your ceiling stunning, just like the above picture.

Paint the Black & White in Tent-Like Shape

Paint the Black & White in Tent-Like Shape - Painted Ceiling Ideas

Here is another classic black and white with a little twist. Instead of the original stripes, the tent-like ceiling gives a different vibe once you enter the room. A traditional black chandelier is placed in the middle of the ceiling. It is truly a perfect design for any room in the house. The pattern doesn’t look too much so that you can add more motifs with a similar monochromatic shade.

Opt for Plain Turquoise

Opt for Plain Turquoise - Painted Ceiling Ideas

The energizing color of turquoise never fails to bring a soothing vibe into the room. It gives you the sensation of walking inside a cool and refreshing space, which makes a good idea for a ceiling paint color. Mirroring the bluish rug under the dining table, the plain turquoise above completes the design.

Go for Cheerful Yellow

Go for Cheerful Yellow - Painted Ceiling Ideas

Girls’ bedrooms should be cheerful and rich in color. You may opt for white walls, but splashes of colors will breathe lives into the bedroom. While yellow and orange serve as the main palette, the first seems to be dominating the ceiling, setting the vibrant mood perfectly. As it already has too many bright colors in it, the wall is only filled with three simple wall arts and a sunburst mirror.

Be Different With Pink

Be Different With Pink - Painted Ceiling Ideas

At first glance, the bedroom doesn’t seem to match the pink color at all. But, it turns out the ceiling above is painted in pink, which surprisingly blends well with the wooden bed below. The rather vintage design is outlined by the floral patterns, which look old-fashioned yet timeless at the same time. To keep the attention up in the ceiling, the wall was left with minimalist arts on purpose.

Bring In the Clouds

Bring In the Clouds - Painted Ceiling Ideas

This elegant bathroom has a nice wet area with a transparent glass enclosure separate it. However, it’s the ceiling that steals the spotlights, painted with cloudy baby blue sky. This is the most classic pattern for ceiling painting, yet it remains popular up to this day. It is the most realistic design one could ever have since staring at that kind of sky presents calmness to your soul.

Create Blocks of Colors

Create Blocks of Colors - Painted Ceiling Ideas

You can always make something extraordinary from the ordinary. In the middle of thinking hard about what pattern or design you should bring in, simply paint the ceiling into blocks of color. The color grid makes a popup room, transforming your dining room into something more fun and comfortable to be in and to look at.

Trust the Darker Green

Trust the Darker Green - Painted Ceiling Ideas

A simple and clean bathroom is the best since you don’t want to do the business in the midst of a crowded room. But you still have to mind the design since you need to be comfortable in it as well. Painting the upper half of the bathroom in dark green – all the way to the ceiling – creates a stylish one beyond your imagination. But, you have to remember not to put more colors to let it shine on white.

Redefine the Ceiling

Redefine the Ceiling - Painted Ceiling Ideas

An all-white room even up to the ceiling could make it undefined and bland. You may play with colors, patterns, or even greenery, but a dark hue ceiling can make a statement with a simple design. You don’t even have to add patterns in it, but let the colors make a statement, standing out on the plain white.

Choose Earthy Brown

Choose Earthy Brown - Painted Ceiling Ideas

The earthy tone is enjoying rising popularity these days, with its basic and humble shade to create tranquillity into the house. Dominated in earthy colors and element, the brown ceiling remind you of soil, the place where lives begin. It frames the room perfectly, along with the wooden flooring below and plenty of greenery as a complementary look.

Be Elegant With Gray Paint

Be Elegant With Gray Paint - Painted Ceiling Ideas

Gray seems like it is always in doubt between black and white. Who knows that the neutral shade exudes elegance and easy to blend with other colors. The soft gray ceiling is watching over the light purple room, dominated with the color in different shades. Both make a good combination for a gentle and tender-feeling sanctuary.

Create a Grid of Blue and White

Create a Grid of Blue and White - Painted Ceiling Ideas

While blue is often associated with gloomy feeling, the color is – on the contrary – capable of making one feels content and calm. Don’t think twice if you want to choose blue as the main theme of one of the rooms in your house. To make it prominent, combine the color with plain white. Opt for blue for the ceiling, wall, as well as the furniture.

Paint Fleur-de-Lis

Paint Fleur-de-Lis - Painted Ceiling Ideas

Going classic won’t hurt and have your ceiling painted the same way as your wall is a good idea. The French version of lily flowers adds elegance to your room, filling the kitchen with warmth and style at the same time. Thanks to the bigger motifs, you may skip on what wall décor you should put on.

Maximize the Flower Power

Maximize the Flower Power - Painted Ceiling Ideas

Painting the ceiling is just another way for a more stylish house. However, you have to maintain the layout balance. The floral-patterned ceiling above is crowded already, so the room below appears in a more simple design and color. That way, you can push the ceiling forward and makes it more noticeable as it is supposed to be.

Pick Orange Color to Get Refreshed

Pick Orange Color to Get Refreshed - Painted Ceiling Ideas

Bright colors are recommended for babies and kids as they are said to be able to brighten up the mood. Giving your baby white room with neutral color shade will definitely not make it cheerful at all, so, this glossy orange ceiling might help. Don’t let it be there all alone by giving some splash of orange in other elements in the room.

Go Green All the Way

Go Green All the Way - Painted Ceiling Ideas

If greenery breathes life and gives clean air supply, the green paint color might do the same. There can’t be anything more refreshing than seeing your bedroom ceiling painted in light green. But as it is a somewhat tricky color, you should find the right match for it. Balance it with white shades and choose bedding that has green on it.

Take Cues From Mediterranean Patterns

Take Cues From Mediterranean Patterns - Painted Ceiling Ideas

Mediterranean style house has a typical arched door and ceiling. Since you can’t put random ornaments on the wall, play with the ceiling instead. Choose the most Mediterranean patterns available and make use of the even smallest space you can find to make the room distinctively stylish.

Opt for Classic Moroccan

Opt for Classic Moroccan - Painted Ceiling Ideas

Coming from the same Mediterranean roots, Moroccan design is fond of brighter colors. However, a similar curved ceiling provides a medium for you to express your creativity. Don’t leave it empty, paint the ceiling with a classic pattern to create a focal point in the foyer.

Embrace Bold Blue

Embrace Bold Blue - Painted Ceiling Ideas

Believe it or not, the dark-colored ceiling will drive all the attention to the room below. You are setting frames with both dark flooring and ceiling so that each element in between could look prominent and noticeable.

Go for Teal Color

Go for Teal Color - Painted Ceiling Ideas

This dressing room appears pop art-like, thanks to the teal ceiling and floral rug below. As you choose for the ceiling to stand out, the furniture appears in white with splashes of teal on it. However, it can’t turn your head away from the soothing color.

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