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23 Splendidly Stylish Nightstand Ideas for Your Bedroom

By Indah Nur Ariviani May 28, 2020

Every aspect matters to create the most well-designed bedroom. Which is why a nightstand is something you have to strongly consider. Not just adding a decorative element to the bedroom, these nightstand ideas will give you places to put your sleeping regime – a glass of water, a smartphone, books, etc.

When it comes to a nightstand, you literally have an endless choice of style and design. Either you want to be creative with some DIY stuff or repurposing old stuff, as well as pushing some focal point material through it. Check out some of our inspirational nightstand ideas you will immediately fall in love with.

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Channels the Main Design

Channels the Main Design - Nightstand Ideas

In a bedroom with a strong traditional vibe, an antique nightstand would naturally fit in. Appearing in the same color as the bed frame, as well as the identical wooden material, the nightstand is just the right complement for the whole design.

Combine Different Stuff

Combine Different Stuff - Nightstand Ideas

This is what repurposing stuff to the next level means. Not only one, but using two different things as one single nightstand. While the low black stool serves as the leg and weight bearer, the real nightstand is that old briefcase in faded blue. This quirky idea is something you must try if you like to think outside the box.

Distressing Appearance

Distressing Appearance - Nightstand Ideas

The all-white frame of the bedroom with its shiplap ceiling exudes a strong farmhouse style, which is calming and relaxing. However, the distressed frame of the bed and nightstand clearly give an old-fashioned statement into it. It is not refurbished on purpose to push its original charm.

Make It Double

Make It Double - Nightstand Ideas

If you only have a limited to narrow space to work with, it seems like you don’t have much choice but to use a bigger desk as a nightstand while it does its original function. While housing a night lamp on the side close to the bed, you can see a mirror on the other side, which means it works as a makeup vanity too.

Lined With Luxury

Lined With Luxury - Nightstand Ideas

The grey bedroom has a rich touch of gold everywhere, lining every edge of the furniture. From the pair of ornate frames under the sconces, table legs, to geometrical lights up on the ceiling. Gold defines clear lines so that it looks so prominent in the design.

Simple Meets Style

Simple Meets Style - Nightstand Ideas

Clean lines and minimally cluttered are all you need for a mid-century modern bedroom. The nightstands that stand on each side of the bed fulfill every mandatory for the design: functional and stylish. Its glossy finishing makes the feature stands out, not losing to the fullness of the accent wallpaper behind it.

Seeing Reflection

Seeing Reflection - Nightstand Ideas

While it is quite huge for a nightstand, it doesn’t give up the style. The quirky nightstand steals attention with its all-mirrored surface, reflecting every detail within its reach. More than stylish, the nightstand is also highly functional with a twin cabinet door and a single drawer.

Mix and Match

Mix and Match - Nightstand Ideas

For those who still think that two nightstands should have an identical size and design, it probably the best time to leave it for good. Those mix and match nightstands are just the right way to change your mind. Not straying too far from the design of the bedroom, they look perfectly great next to each other.

Opt for Minimalist

Opt for Minimalist - Nightstand Ideas

This clutter-free bedroom takes minimalism seriously that you can feel the serenity just from the picture. Yet it doesn’t leave out the very-much needed nightstand. Having a strong black appearance with three drawers, the nightstand preserves the minimalist look through the simplicity of the design.

Use Plenty of Colors

Use Plenty of Colors - Nightstand Ideas

You can use a large nightstand that is more like a dresser if you need to have it. The three drawers are more than just highly functional – they are very stylish as well. While one appears in three different colors, the other has a solid pink appearance. But they don’t look overwhelming thanks to the empty white wall behind them.

Old Meets New

Old Meets New - Nightstand Ideas

Another idea of having two different nightstands at once: combine old and new to create this nostalgic vibe to the bedroom. Preserving its natural appearance, the turquoise nightstand peeking slightly from the corner. Whereas the more modern and minimalist nightstand appears to be highly functional.

Use Pattern

Use Pattern - Nightstand Ideas

The pattern is the perfect way to make something more noticeable, and your nightstand is no exception. As it originally has a natural wood color, you can add the pattern yourself through some creative DIY! Which means you can choose whatever you prefer.

Charm With Raw Finish

Charm With Raw Finish - Nightstand Ideas

A simple wooden box is probably the simplest nightstand you could have. In the raw finish, the box above blends in well with the other elements in the bedroom. Plus, it has two types of storage: closed drawers above and open shelves below. Since it is also low, it creates an illusion of a higher ceiling, as well as a higher hanging lamp.

Repurposing Old Stuff

Repurposing Old Stuff - Nightstand Ideas

The truth is, you don’t have to buy a nightstand if you don’t have one to begin with. Find the most unique thing that seems to be suitable for your bedroom design and preference, then repurpose it as one. The main points you should have in a nightstand is its functionality to house some stuff. Let it be a quirky point to look at in the room.

Contrasting Color

Contrasting Color - Design Ideas

If you want to make your nightstand a focal point in your bedroom design, it has to be prominent and noticeable. While the rest of the room is more dominated by earthy tones of brown and beige, the rounded nightstand is a deep orange on its own, making it the first noticeable stuff among many.

Induce a Nature Feeling

Induce a Nature Feeling - Nightstand Ideas

The clean and minimalist bedroom looks effortlessly stylish due to its simplicity. Only using two main elements – white and wood, the pair of nightstands were made of the same exact solid wood material and have the same finish as the bigger drawer on the side. That is an excellent thing to create a balanced layout.

Add Texture

Add Texture - Nightstand Ideas

As an alternative to the pattern, a textured surface is another way to make the nightstand stands out. The eclectic bedroom already has so much to look at. Yet, each has different textures that they look equally attractive – including the nightstand. It steals the attention in its own way, not losing to the spectacular bedding and the full-sized wallpaper.

Don’t Mind the Size

Don’t Mind the Size - Nightstand Ideas

For a small bedroom, you’re going to need a small nightstand as well. This three-legged wooden nightstand may really small in size, but it has anything you need. Well, probably it is fragile enough that it can’t even hold a lamp, but it doesn’t matter! You can always hang it on the ceiling instead.

Going Traditional

Going Traditional - Nightstand Ideas

If you like some fascinating and timeless stuff, then this one might be the perfect suit. This traditional-style nightstand has the same color as the bed frame –so that it’s unquestionably stylish, yet the design is very traditional. The storage box placed on the open shelf adds an old-fashioned feel.

Touch of Art

Touch of Art - Nightstand Ideas

Twist your ordinary and plain-looking nightstand with a touch of art to change the appearance. While it may have been a plain wooden nightstand, the pattern on it makes it artistic. You can do this on your own by doing some decoupage, which is easy and doable.

Merge Two Styles

Merge Two Styles - Nightstand Ideas

It may never cross your mind that squeezing a traditional nightstand in a modern bedroom would look stylish, right? More than that, it was left in its original state. The nightstand is easily stealing the spotlight with the support of a quirky night lamp on top of it.

Simply Vintage

Simply Vintage - Nightstand Ideas

In a room that already has two beds, you shouldn’t have more clutter by having two separate nightstands. One drawer in the middle keeps the line clean and, at the same time, creating a unique design character in the attic bedroom.

Back to Basic

Back to Basic - Nightstand Ideas

Since the bedroom goes with a monochrome theme, it seems like you don’t have many choices but having your nightstand in white. Even though it stands against an empty white wall behind, the black headboard and gray curtain on each side outline its features.

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