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22 Inspiring Mudroom Ideas You Must Take a Look at

By Indah Nur Ariviani June 3, 2020

The coming of wet seasons means not only colder weather but also mud in the boots, drenched coats, and many dirty things. All you need to get your house stay clean during that season is by having your own mudroom where all the family members can leave the dirt there. Take a look at our inspiring mudroom ideas, which are more than just functional but come in a stylish design to make your house look more pleasing.

Housing many outdoor gears, you must organize the mudroom so that it can be a convenient stop for everyone before stepping out of the house. Here is our take on this simple yet very much-needed room.

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Going Antique

Mudroom Ideas - Going Antique

Becoming the center of dirt, black is a better option for mudroom flooring so that it will become hardly noticeable. However, you still can give accent to the monochromatic space by laying an antique rug on it. As the long seat will be comfortable to change shoes, the pair of the pendant on the ceiling serving double duty as an illumination source and decorating elements.

Mark the Spot

Mudroom Ideas - Mark the Spot

If your house doesn’t have a designated mudroom or there is no more space available, simply mark the space where mudroom lies. Place a square rug juts right in front of the door to mark the area where it begins and ends. Even though it is tiny, but it will keep your house clean.

Stay Organized

Mudroom Ideas - Stay Organized

Aside from the design, the first thing to consider when you want to make a mudroom is the function. Make sure all you need is there; most importantly, the storage. The baskets lined on top of the shelf with hooks can organize your things neatly, even better if you put labels on to determine where to put which.

Get Creative With the Flooring

Mudroom Ideas - Get Creative With the Flooring

The first thing that catches your attention would be the black and white flooring with herringbone tiles. It was done on purpose so that people won’t look at the closet back in the corner where all the dirty things piled. This kind of distraction is necessary to create an excellent first impression right from the entrance.

Enhance the Style

Mudroom Ideas - Enhance the Style

Black and white seem to be the most favorite combination when it comes to house palette. It works well for the mudroom as well because the two colors will enhance the look. While the flooring is coated in a dark tone, the full wall shelves and ceiling appear in white to highlight the layouts as well as the decorations.

Be Natural

Mudroom Ideas - Be Natural

The cabin style mudroom gives you an impression as if you’re entering an abandoned house deep into the woods. Each element was crafted in wood with a similar finish and earthy tone. More than just a design, the room is also highly functional with floor-to-ceiling and closed closet and open shelves above the L-shaped seating.

Highlight the Chandelier

Mudroom Ideas - Highlight the Chandelier

If you are not sure that you and the rest of the family can stay clean and organized with open shelves, opt for closed ones. It is also applied for the drawers as well so that the room looks neat and clean but monotonous at the same time. Thankfully, the edgy cage chandelier in the golden frame saves the look so that the room still looks stylish.

Identify the Belongings

Mudroom Ideas - Identify the Belongings

Another way to stay organized on open shelves is by labeling each belonging to the respective owners. Make sure everyone has their own designated space, so they hold responsibility for the neatness of their own space. It also cuts the time to look for belongings so you can get out of the house faster.

Spot the Vibrant Color

Mudroom Ideas - Spot the Vibrant Color

In modern design, white is the queen of colors. It blends well with any other color, but the all-white room might look plain without any vibrant touch on it. You may add vibrant color to your mudroom, the lime green door serves as the focal point instead.

Opt for Portable

Mudroom Ideas - Opt for Portable

Freestanding storage makes a good portable mudroom furniture choice. It works well if you don’t have designated space for it, or you only want to use is temporary during wet seasons. The cons side is that it might not be capable of containing too much stuff, so you have to keep it clean from time to time.

Touch of Luxury

Mudroom Ideas - Touch of Luxury

The modern mudroom closet has a muted tone, exuding simplicity and elegance feel at the same time. Adding the element of luxury is the cabinet holder and hooks, even though small in size but still noticeable on the dark surface. Even the baskets appear in the golden finish to complete the look.

Say It With Tiles

Mudroom Ideas - Say It With Tiles

Firmly separating the mudroom and other parts of the house is a good idea, such as giving it a separate pattern of tiles. While the inner rooms seem to have wooden flooring, the mudroom has hexagonal tiles, which is more artsy and modern. The tiles appear in matching color with the furniture in the mudroom.

Utilize the Space

Mudroom Ideas - Utilize the Space

Some people enjoy vacant space, but others want to utilize even the smallest space. If you are one of the latter and has a quite spacious mudroom, putting an island at the center of it is an example of how to make the most out of it. The island can be used to store dirty gloves and socks and other small things that often lost.

Use the Ladder

Mudroom Ideas - Use the Ladder

When you have a high ceiling, and your mudroom shelves are stretching all the way up there, it is almost impossible to reach the top without the help of a tool. The ladder is not only a décor piece but also useful to help you reaching stuff stored high up.

Get Luxury

Mudroom Ideas - Get Luxury

Marble means luxury. The natural stone undeniably enhances the look of every room into another level, and mudroom is no exception. Besides, using marble in your mudroom will make it easier for you to clean up the dirt.

Make It Double Duty

Mudroom Ideas - Make It Double Duty

The dark wooden mudroom can’t look more stylish than that, but it’s not the point. The wooden shelves have two different tones while serving double duty purposes. The multi-purpose bench makes a good shelf, so does the back of the shelves that can be used to stick wall notes.

Go for Pastel

Mudroom Ideas - Go for Pastel

Soft-toned pastels never fail to give off laid-back and relaxing vibe into the room. Combining fresh lime green and teal is refreshing, along with patterned tile to balance the plain-looking closet.

Choose Patterned Tiles

Mudroom Ideas - Choose Patterned Tiles

Here is another interesting patterned tile idea for an elegant mudroom. Under the closet and a simple wooden bench, the tiles are in similar darker shade and vintage patterns for a final elegant look. Patterned tiles can give the impression of a cleaner room since the dirt will be quite invisible.

Reclaiming the Old

Mudroom Ideas - Reclaiming the Old

A minimalist mudroom shelving unit has one focal point that makes it even more interesting: the use of reclaimed wood as a background, contrasting with the white and sleek finish of the shelves. Don’t forget to keep things in order using the various style of storage baskets.

Go for Rustic

Mudroom Ideas - Go for Rustic

Unfinished wood and timeworn furniture are the main traits for a rustic design, which you can have on for your mudroom. While the flooring looks already shabby, the room is covered in floor-to-ceiling closet and shelves made out of the dark wooden board in raw finish. The combination of both creates a unique rustic vibe that makes the mudroom similar to a dressing room.

Let the Sconces Speak

Mudroom Ideas - Let the Sconces Speak

If you are asked to point out what is the most visible element from the mudroom above, the answer wouldn’t be the shelves, floor, or even door – the three swinging sconces above steal the spotlight instead. You can add this distinctive feature to make your mudroom different and unique in its own way.

Put the Vanity

Mudroom Ideas - Put the Vanity

You don’t need anything but one last check before stepping out of the house. Speaking of which, a vanity desk with mirror makes a perfect final statement to complete your mudroom. Make sure that the size and design matches with the overall shades and theme.

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