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22 Minimalist Bathroom Décor Ideas That Are Anything but Boring

By Indah Nur Ariviani May 30, 2020

Clean, sophisticated, and elegant are the bathroom that everyone wants, and there one particular design that could fit them in: minimalism. These minimalist bathroom décor ideas will make you realize that despite its clear lines, balanced layout, and clutter-free appearance, a minimalist bathroom shouldn’t be looking dull and plain.
You will discover many new inspirational ideas on how to put the ornaments right, playing with vibrant colors, and arrange the furniture to get the minimalist look. Whether you work with a large room or narrow ones, you have your own space to do the business, have a relaxing bath, and look for new ideas and inspiration while doing so!

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Use an Accent Color

Use an Accent Color - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

Most people agree that basic colors like black and white are mandatory to create the ultimate minimalist look. But, you need to create an accent to be the most prominent feature of your design. In this case, you may add the vibrant yellow lemon color that gives color to the bathroom. No need to go overboard, just a simple towel and microfiber mat would be enough.

Place an Area Rug

Place an Area Rug - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

Clutter is a big no when designing a minimalist bathroom. Keeping things clean will confirm the style and look, but it is also risking your design to be boring. Even the marbled texture of the floor and half the wall couldn’t save it. Use an area rug in a different color – but still in the neutral tone of gray – not only to separate the bathing and vanity section but as an ornament to the bathroom design as well.

Give Backlit to the Mirror

Give Backlit to the Mirror - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

A minimalist bedroom guarantees serenity and relaxation, not without any reason. When you see something clean, your mind is automatically cleared. The narrow vanity area is highlighted prettily by the backlit on the vanity mirror, creating a dramatic look but not too much on the clean-looking bathroom.

Meet the Opposite

Meet the Opposite - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

Leave the all-white for a while. Let’s try combining it with its natural opposite: black. The bathroom has a clear line that separates black and white, doesn’t give it a room for a transition. Even to the smallest details, the two seem to be opposite to each other. The black color appears in a sleek finish, whereas the white is full of marbled pattern.

Consider Brick Walls

Consider Brick Walls - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

Vintage and minimalist style can be combined well (and still looking stylish!) together. Take a look at the seamless bathroom above, which is covered in all white. The wooden elements that are scattered here and there will not be enough to make an accent. Which is why you need a molded brick wall to accentuate the bathroom. The wall is left in its original appearance to induce more old-fashioned vibes to the design.

Put the Coat Rack

Put the Coat Rack - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

Neutral tones and wooden elements seem to be best friends, making a logical reason why the design looks calming and relaxing in many ways. Even though the bathroom is not so clean and clutter-free, the empty walls balance the “messy” floor. Filling the empty corner by the window is the coat rack, which eventually becomes a quirky decorative element echoing the natural touch of the wooden vanity.

Divide With Frosted Glass

Divide With Frosted Glass - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

While the bathroom is already a private room, you will need more privacy to do your business. When your vanity and toilet are standing side by side, divide the sections using frosted glass that is hung from the ceiling until it touches the vanity desk. Frosted glass with pattern serves double duty: as a divider and as an accent.

Play With Pattern

Play With Pattern - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

Create your own minimalist bathroom with a strong futuristic influence through the design. Don’t be afraid to give a lot of patterns to the bathroom, in this case, like filling the whole flooring and shower area with a monochromatic pattern. The stainless pedestal sink replaces the need for a large vanity, which will be too much for this bathroom.

Enable the Panoramic View

Enable the Panoramic View - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

The bathroom is undeniably the most perfect place to relax, especially when it is equipped with a sectional glass wall, which shows the panoramic view outside. All you have to do is placing your tub near the window to make sure you get the full view and seem like you need nothing else.

Install Glossy Wall Tiles

Install Glossy Wall Tiles - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

Clearly, against the mandatory of clean white walls, you still can manage to have a minimalist bathroom even after replacing the traditional wall with these stylish, glossy tiles. The subway tiles appear in a dark gray color that reflects the other side of the bathroom. It blends well with the marbled tub and mosaic shower floor for the ultimate luxury minimalist look.

Choose Mosaic Tiles

Choose Mosaic Tiles - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

There is one good reason why this one-color bathroom is far from looking boring. Even though the flooring and all the furniture come in an identical shade, the mosaic tiles frame everything perfectly well. The tiles create a dramatic effect when they meet the lights, thus eliminating the need for wall décor.

Mingle With Nature

Mingle With Nature - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

A bathroom with a classic minimalist design will never get you tired of it. But you might be if it turns to be too boring since there is no ornament or accent to make it livelier. Mingling some nature elements is a good thing to be applied since the neutral background ensures that everything will stand out. Add plenty of greenery to refresh your bathroom and, instead of using a real towel hanger, bring in the wooden ladder to replace it.

Go for Monochromatic

Go for Monochromatic - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

Even though the minimalist design is rather functional than decorative, it doesn’t mean you have to abandon style. The monochromatic design above is nothing but sleek and clean, giving off the modern and minimalist feeling in a bathroom. However, the right layout placement with dark color for the lower part and light one for the upper part creates a nice balance for the design.

Opt for Pebble Floor

Opt for Pebble Floor - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

Pattern and texture can be added to the floor as well, such as using natural pebble stones in the bathroom. More than looking stylish, it also makes the floor less slippery, thus guarantee your safety. Since the pebbles are also rich in color, they save the design from looking boring.

Install a Portrait Art

Install a Portrait Art - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

When everything is already set, but the wall is still too empty and needs to be filled with something, consider putting one large wall art instead of a small ornament. The monkey figure in monochromatic also reflects the majority of colors that dominate the bathroom.

Bring In the Potted Flowers

Bring In the Potted Flowers - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

If you feel like the large greenery is too much and potentially reducing the minimalist look, opt for potted flowers instead. Despite its small size, the potted flowers are the sweetener that brings colors to the all-white design. They channel the nature touch given by the stacked wooden board on the bathtub side and under the vanity desk.

Splash of Colors

Splash of Colors - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

In a minimalist design, you couldn’t have too many colors in one room. Vibrant mosaic tiles are a perfect choice for the accent wall that highlights the tub area. To keep the area stand out, the rest is kept in plain white color.

Mount the Wooden Shelves

Mount the Wooden Shelves - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

To highlight the bathtub, which is the main area in a bathroom, you can do so in many ways. Elevating the tub and giving it a black marble base is one of them. It stands out against the white-dominated bathroom. Fill in the empty wall by mounting three-tier wooden shelves in the recessed section.

Opt for Wall Tile Art

Opt for Wall Tile Art - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

Having white color only on the tub, the bathroom doesn’t look less minimalist, thanks to the clean lines and clutter-free appearance. You can use wall tile art to make an accent for the empty background behind the bathtub. Opt for larger ones instead of the smaller and detailed ones. It gives an artsy touch to your minimalist design.

Give It a Warm Light

Give It a Warm Light - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

Yellow lights are full of warmth and romantic feeling. Have one on your bathroom by installing warm light sconces on the wall. It works as a good complement for the wooden wall and marbled sink.

Consider Wood Panel

Consider Wood Panel - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

Another way to create an accent wall to your bathroom for a clean look and minimalist design. Installing wood panel wholly on one side of the wall with recessed sections for shelves and storages is another alternative worth trying. The subtle color also blends well with the white walls and gray flooring.

Accessorize the Interior

Accessorize the Interior - Minimalist Bathroom Décor

Try the removable décor if you prefer to keep the original design clean. You don’t need to install anything on the wall. Just put the traditional rug and a large wooden log stool that you can get rid of any time if you desire for a cleaner looking interior.

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