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22 Jaw-Dropping Master Bathroom Ideas That Stuns You

By Indah Nur Ariviani June 1, 2020

Speaking about master bathroom ideas, it’s more than a place to clean up and doing business. The functional and decorative need has to be fulfilled in one integrated design. Thus, every inch of it should be carefully crafted. Creating a comfortable and peaceful master bathroom is just as important as the bedroom itself.

From the patterned floor, wallpaper-wrapped wall, and the use of plenty of accents, we present an array of master bathroom ideas that will make your heart skip a beat. In case you are considering a renovation, you will get some great inspiration from these master bathroom designs as follow.

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Consider Accents

Consider Accents - Master Bathroom Ideas

The best way to accentuate the focal point of your master bathroom is by providing a clean white bathroom so that the color could stand out. Besides the yellow tub, the copper standalone faucet adds a quirky feature, as well as the wall art that helps to fill in the empty wall.

Use Antique Vanity

Use Antique Vanity - Master Bathroom Ideas

Renovating the bathroom doesn’t always mean you have to get rid of all the old furniture. Use your antique vanity for a more old-fashioned vibe in the bathroom. Using detailed hexagon tiles flooring and subway tiles is a clever way to create an eye-catching bathroom design.

Make an Architectural Statement

Make an Architectural Statement - Master Bathroom Ideas

Sometimes, small features just don’t work to make a statement. If this is the case, make architectural statements instead. Having an archway towards the tub creates an elegant vibe that is worth adding to your master bathroom. You can apply this trick when you’d like to have a one-colored bathroom. Don’t forget to add texture and pattern, such as the use of marble on the tub floor and mirror frame.

Show the Brass Element

Show the Brass Element - Master Bathroom Ideas

Black and white is a timeless choice for every design, including your master bathroom. Play with pattern by using three different types for the entryway, main floor, and accent wall. Show the brass elements through the under-vanity shelving, as well as the mirror frame, faucet, and the hanging lamps.

Give Lighting to the Cabinets

Give Lighting to the Cabinets - Master Bathroom Ideas

If white feels too bright for you, try combining gray and wooden elements. The sleek and dark vanity looks prominent between the wooden-covered wall. But it’s all thanks to the cabinet lighting that makes the bathroom looks more dramatic and modern.

Opt for Checkered Floor

Opt for Checkered Floor - Master Bathroom Ideas

White never fails to make your bathroom looks clean and crisp, thus provide the very much needed calmness and serenity for you. But, it will look too plain without any touch of color or pattern on it. Aside from the wooden window frame and small cabinet above the vanity, a major statement was made by the checkered floor that makes the design more balanced.

Choose Farmhouse Style

Choose Farmhouse Style - Master Bathroom Ideas

Less-cluttered, a clean look, and shiplap walls are all the characteristics of a farmhouse style. Bring it to the master bathroom for a cozy and comfy feeling. Yes, you definitely can have those two without giving up style. Add patterns and subtle colors through the grayish hex floor tiles and accent shower wall.

Add Greenery

Add Greenery - Master Bathroom Ideas

There are many ways to add an accent to a bathroom, especially when you prefer the overall design in a neutral tone. The mirror sconces may make differences, but not strong enough to defeat the abundance of sunlight that escapes through the windows. By adding greenery into the bathroom, you can get a more refreshing décor that looks good under the sunlight.

Going Masculine in Black

Going Masculine in Black - Master Bathroom Ideas

For a more masculine vibe, black is undoubtedly the ultimate choice of color. As you can see, the flooring and cabinets appear in a black shade with different textures – slightly rough for the first and matte for the latter. The all-black color allows each furniture to shine equally. Make sure that the lighting is pretty bright so that the bathroom won’t look too dark.

Expose to the Natural Lights

Expose to the Natural Lights - Master Bathroom Ideas

Speaking about a bathroom that could give a retreat sensation, nothing can beat this sky-exposed shower room. It is induced with a strong nature feeling – from the tiles color, accent wall, and flooring, as well as the wooden ceiling – and the deep square hole in the middle for a design statement. Interestingly, the gap that holds the showerhead is made open to the sky.

Create Layer With Textured Stones

Create Layer With Textured Stones - Master Bathroom Ideas

This minimalist bathroom shows what consistency means and how layers can make a difference. If you cover the bathroom wholly with natural stones, chances are it will look too dull and boring. Things will be different if you use three different kinds of stones, as seen above. You can even tell apart, which is the accent wall, wet area, as well as the dry entryway.

Touch of Gold

Touch of Gold - Master Bathroom Ideas

Gold has long been associated with elegance for a reason. All you need is a little touch of the color in the black and white of the design. Note that the black subway tiles and doors serve as the accent wall, and their features are more prominent thanks to the splashes of gold, which state its appearance firmly despite the small size.

Try Patterned Flooring

Try Patterned Flooring - Master Bathroom Ideas

Whether it is for modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, or farmhouse style, the combination of black and white seems to be everyone’s favorite. Be careful since using only the two basic colors can make your design boring. Liven up the bathroom by using these color-rich patterned floor tiles to cover the whole area.

Set a Romantic Décor

Set a Romantic Décor - Master Bathroom Ideas

Who says that you can’t create a romantic bathroom? You will do if you know the right décor to put in. The classic four-legged tub and vintage armchair are supported by the batch of candles in a different size, all are lighted up at the same time.

Install Subway Tiles

Install Subway Tiles - Master Bathroom Ideas

The visible shower pipes make a perfect industrial style. Use white subway tiles to emphasize the clean lines and black frames of the glass wall and door. The splash of black on the hex tiles flooring helps to add color, as well as the potted greenery.

Create a Traditional Luxury Design

Create a Traditional Luxury Design - Master Bathroom Ideas

A traditional bathroom can exude luxury vibes through certain focal points. It is indeed doesn’t have any shining material, but the glass chandelier – which is matching with the sconces on each side of the mirror – defines the style. The neutral shades choice also plays a part in creating the mood.

Play With Vibrant Hues

Play With Vibrant Hues - Master Bathroom Ideas

If you are one of those people who prefer vibrant colors even for the bathroom, this design is just right for you. It is rich in color and large patterns, which appear in the form of the red cabinet, marble vanity, and striped wallpaper.

Use Wallpaper

Use Wallpaper - Master Bathroom Ideas

Create a major statement on your bathroom so that you don’t have to add more décor or ornaments. Using wallpaper is one of the many ways, but be careful in choosing the color and pattern. It is best to keep the wallpaper under the same shade as the main palette of the bathroom.

Consider Warm Wood

Consider Warm Wood - Master Bathroom Ideas

The white wall is like a canvas where you can put anything, yet it still looks stylish nonetheless. Create a nature-inspired bathroom by putting in warm wood color on the vanity. Furthermore, a potted plant and warm-lighted sconces are other natural elements to be considered.

Place a Weathered Rug

Place a Weathered Rug - Master Bathroom Ideas

Splash of colors and patterns are essential in an all-white design, so never abandon this when you create such a bathroom. If it’s not enough, consider placing a weathered rug for a twisted look but still in the same tone of color.

Opt for Wooden Flooring

Opt for Wooden Flooring - Master Bathroom Ideas

Blend a minimalist and Scandinavian style through this ultra-clean bathroom, which even Marie Kondo would approve! The risky all-white theme is livened up by the wooden flooring in a raw finish, reminding you of a serene countryside retreat.

Choose Matching Furniture

Choose Matching Furniture - Master Bathroom Ideas

Create this clean Scandinavian look by putting matching furniture made of the same materials. The wooden stool and ladder towel rack work as the focal points of the design, looking harmonious with the iron chandelier and tub faucet.

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