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22 Ultra Chic Industrial Bathroom Ideas to Inspire You

By Indah Nur Ariviani May 26, 2020

Notable for its rough materials, visible pipes, and rather monochromatic colors with dim yellow lights, industrial bathroom design is widely popular right now. An industrial bathroom embraces the aesthetics of raw material, which is converted into something useful and stylish. It is also full of classic and vintage touch left by the industrial era in the past.

Dig into this unfinished elegance without leaving the room’s original function. You will also encounter many twisted elements and cool accents that only make the design more astounding, so you want to adapt it right away. Get ready to steal these industrial bathroom ideas to transform yours into an extraordinary one.

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Use Accent Wall

Use Accent Wall - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Without a massive redecoration to the bathroom, you can have an industrial look just by changing one element. Use an accent wall with shiplap wood by preserving its raw appearance and texture to get the feel. It is also applied to the rough flooring and small décors such as the iron bucket and tissue holder, which are all infusing a stronger industrial feeling.

Go for Black

Go for Black - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

This beautiful industrial style bathroom is fulfilling the mandatory industrial element on every inch of it. More than that, it is also dominated by the elegant black. The exposed whitewashed brick walls provide a background for the black vanity and cabinets to stand out, as well as the black window shade by the bathtub. The lighting placement also plays an important here, as seen that the quirky octagon pendant light is placed above the tub. At the same time, the back of the vanity mirrors radiates blue-ish light, creating an appealing visual appearance.

Try Using a Chalkboard Wall

Try Using a Chalkboard Wall - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

The thing is, an industrial bathroom does not always have to be concrete walls, visible pipelines, and yellow bulbs. You can create your own temporary industrial look by turning your empty black wall into a canvas of creativity with chalkboards. With this, you eliminate the need for wall décor but not losing the style. The touch of gold from the vintage ornate mirror blends well with the modern look of the wall sconce in front of it.

Trust in Concrete

Trust in Concrete - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

This is what a classic industrial style looks like, framed with concrete from walls to the floor. The minimalist design results in a clutter-free and more defined layout so that each element of the room stands out. Note that you don’t even lose the twin sinks and tub from the sight, which is also in matching color with the flush toilet. The block wood used as a vanity desk is another supporting element that makes the design more defined.

Be Creative With the Shelving

Be Creative With the Shelving - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

The beautiful industrial bathroom is coated in basic monochromatic colors of white, gray, and black but also accentuated with the wooden vanity and shelving. To create a clean look, the vanity desk holds only limited stuff, while other toiletries are pushed aside to the shelves. Speaking of which, it is supported by creative frames made out of pipes.

Customize the Vanity

Customize the Vanity - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

The beauty of industrial design lies in its raw and unfinished nature. The concrete vanity desk is probably something you have seen numerous times while browsing about the industrial style. The main feature of the vanity is the exposed iron structure over the corner, creating a unique yet appealing look.

Consider Exposed Ceiling

Consider Exposed Ceiling - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

A Ceiling made out of large wooden beams and left visible does not belong only to the farmhouse style. You can have one to your industrial style bathroom, letting the wooden ceiling and beams clearly visible, as well as the pipes alongside them. Looking down below, the wooden floor is echoing the look, creating a balance to the design. The stylish-looking bathroom is also supported by the surrounding windows that give a huge amount of sunlight and providing a great view.

Expose the Pipes

Expose the Pipes - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Visible piping is mandatory if you want to get the ultimate look for your industrial bathroom. Still, you can twist the appearance a little by changing the color from black – which is way too common – into copper. The textured hex walls behind the vanity are mirroring the black hex flooring below, finished up nicely with two potted cactuses and a larger potted plant on the floor.

Use an Open Layout

Use an Open Layout - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom, try using an open layout to emphasize it. The bathroom consists of three different elements: concrete walls, iron tub, and wooden vanity desk. Each section of the bathroom is made seamless, and the presence of the indoor plants give refreshment to the grayish sight.

Put a Large Vanity Mirror

Put a Large Vanity Mirror - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

For a narrow bathroom, small mirrors just don’t work. Instead of using them, cover the whole wall on the vanity desk with a large mirror. It gives the impression that the room is actually larger, as well as working as a huge wall décor itself.

Touch of Marble

Touch of Marble - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom combines luxury and industrial in the most elegant way possible. The tub section is made completely out of white marbles while the wall is preserved in its original concrete looks. However, the rest of the room is dominated by white color, except for the flooring, which channels the accent wall.

Try Some Mix and Match

Try Some Mix and Match - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

If you can’t decide whether using a concrete wall or exposed brick walls, try to combine the two – or three if you count the white wall on the side. Furthermore, you can separate each section in the bathroom using the wall: concrete for the shower room and brick for the vanity.

Accent With Moss Wall

Accent With Moss Wall - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Leave the common ways of creating an accent wall using different colors or wallpaper – this nature-inspired moss wall is worth to wall. The wall gives a stronger feeling of an abandoned place, yet still aesthetic enough to be integrated into your industrial bathroom. Use more wooden elements and earthy tone colors to create a well-balanced look that goes with the moss wall.

Make a Different Flooring

Make a Different Flooring - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Bring an industrial concept to your bathroom by using natural flooring just for the shower area. As the main area in a bathroom, the shower has to be highlighted. Luckily, it can be done in many ways. This natural pebble stone flooring is one of the examples. Don’t forget to add a nature touch such as a large potted plant and the smaller ones in the recessed shelves, as seen in the picture.

Repurpose Old Stuff

Repurpose Old Stuff - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Redecoration might cost you a fortune, so it is wise to use what you already have. This old sewing machine that was probably originated from the industrial era can make a quirky vanity table that probably only you that have it. Putting it in an all-white room is another good decision to make it more prominent.

Frame the Mirror Well

Frame the Mirror Well - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

The mirror frame might be a simple thing. But, it is surprisingly capable of changing the look of your industrial bathroom completely. In this modern-industrial bathroom, the porthole vanity mirror with a wooden frame supports the industrial look shown by the concrete sink and black iron faucet.

Redecorate the Small Bathroom

Redecorate the Small Bathroom - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

You don’t need to do a major change because an exposed brick wall fully on one side of the wall would be enough to define the industrial style. While the rest of the room is left in its original shape and color, the vanity desk appears in a rather vintage design made of dark wooden material. It is also another industrial element supporting the bathroom.

Mind the Tiles Pattern

Mind the Tiles Pattern - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Tiles pattern or design can make your bathroom feel more industrial if you choose the right one. Go for the classic subway tiles in white and apply it all to the whole wall in it. White tiles allow anything in front of it to become more visible. Which is why you won’t miss every little detail in it, from the unwashed wooden vanity, old sconces, and floating glass shelf.

Industrialize the Elements

Industrialize the Elements - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

The vanity area could have been looking plain if it’s not for the two focal points worth noticing from the design. First, the exposed copper piping that surprisingly frames the mirror nicely. The second is the wall sconces on both sides. Since the mirror is frameless, you can use some of your creativity to give a DIY frame. You can install a pair of sconces that feel so industrial, exuding warm yellow lights within.

Create a Warm Vibe

Create a Warm Vibe - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

One yellow lighting will make the room rather dim and mysterious. But a yellow pendant light with three lamps creates warm vibes in your bathroom. The yellow pendants complete the look of your industrial bathroom, giving a more mysterious feeling.

Show the Wired Storage

Show the Wired Storage - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Another repurposing old stuff you can try for your bathroom. The wired shelves seem to come from a long time ago, making it a perfect match for the industrial style. There’s no need to repaint the shelf, just let it be to have the vintage touch. Even though the rest of the room looks more modern, the shelf can stand out on its own.

Combine Wood & Concrete

Combine Wood & Concrete - Industrial Bathroom Ideas

Any bathroom couldn’t look more industrial than this. Meeting each requirement needed for an industrial style, the bathroom has an exposed wooden ceiling and unfinished concrete walls. More than that, all the pipes are also exposed on purpose but repainted with the elegant copper color.

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