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22 Guest Bedroom Ideas That Resembles a Peaceful Sanctuary

By Indah Nur Ariviani August 14, 2020

Not everyone has a guest bedroom at their house, but when you have a spare room, turn into one. Prepping a room for staying guests is always a safe option, especially when you have a distant relative who loves to visit. And these guest bedroom ideas will help you to create the most comfortable sanctuary during their stay.

Find the most suitable style for you, along with some useful tips and tricks you can use. From the minimalist style, rustic décor, to mid-century modern, take a look at our best recommendation on how to design your guest bedroom perfectly.

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Highlight the Accent Wall

01) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Highlight the Accent Wall

Accent wall remains the best way to highlight a bedroom, take a look at this guest bedroom design. The presence of the most vivid-looking part of the room steals attention right from the first glance, thus accentuate every single thing put against it. And the most important thing is that the wall should appear in a completely different color than the rest of the room.

Adapt Bunk Beds

02) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Adapt Bunk Beds

Space-wise, the guest bedroom is capable of housing a lot of people at once. The quadruple bunk beds appear in the matching rustic design, using polished and glossy wood as its frame. The pair of solid wooden pillars on each side of the bed, as well as the sconces, mounted on it gives a somewhat vintage industrial touch that adds warmth to the bedroom.

Consider Canopy Bed

03) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Consider Canopy Bed

Often left empty than occupied, it shouldn’t be a reason you take the guest bedroom design for granted. A neat-looking, well-decorated guest bedroom leaves a good impression for those who visit, especially with the wooden canopy bed like above. Each element matches each other very well, creating a mid-century style that brings peace during the stay.

Use Twin Beds

04) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Use Twin Beds

Here’s another way to decorate the guest bedroom, using twin beds with the exact same design. Identical in design, the beds are separated by a single nightstand placed between two beds. The stuff above is kept minimal to reduce the hassle on the view with only a night lamp, refreshing potted flowers, and some books.

Be Different With Custom Headboard Design

05) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Be Different With Custom Headboard Design

The customized headboard design makes this guest bedroom even more stylish, creating an appealing accent into it. While it is showered with natural lights during the day, the golden chandelier gives a romantic feeling at night. Note that the pattern is channeling the headboard below.

Set the Dresser as a Focal Point

06) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Set the Dresser as a Focal Point

Dominated by light grey on the wall with the touch of white, this guest bedroom has one interesting focal point. Just right across the bed, placed against the wall is the natural wood dresser with an ornate mirror above it. They breathe traditional vibes to the room decoration, along with the yellow patterned duvet.

Create Airy Farmhouse Design

07) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Create Airy Farmhouse Design

Giving a good night’s sleep to your guest is all you have to do, and pushing the large window away from the beds is a great idea. Fulfilling the mandatory for farmhouse style, it also houses a twin metal-framed beds with striped wood accent wall as the background. The carpeted floor adds comfort into the room, guaranteeing for a peaceful rest.

Marvel at the Beautiful View

08) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Marvel at the Beautiful View

Nothing sounds better than waking up the seamless view of the sea right in front of your eyes. This beachside guest bedroom is surrounded by a glass wall for a full-scale nature landscape to accompany you to sleep. However, it is better to add blinds to the windows for the guests to use when the sunlight comes way too strong.

Hang the Bed

09) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Hang the Bed

A combination of rustic and industrial, this guest bedroom boasts the quirky bed hanging from the ceiling. There is so much to look at in there, like the partition that made of abandoned window frames. Take a look at the accent wall as well, where it is half exposed brick wall, and the other half is nature-themed wallpaper that gives you a realistic illusion.

Refresh With Indoor Plant

10) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Refresh With Indoor Plant

Putting a potted plant inside a guest bedroom is more than just a decorative reason. It truly brings refreshment, creating a stress-free environment by giving a good supply of oxygen all the time. The nature feeling is even stronger with wooden flooring and accent wall which come in different colors.

Bring In Large Leaner Mirror

11) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Bring In Large Leaner Mirror

Large beams, a lot of wooden elements and natural lights, it makes a perfect farmhouse-style guest bedroom. The low platform bed has a strong Scandinavian feeling with lots of pillows and plush for a good sleep. However, take a look at the large leaner mirror on the side with a similar big wooden frame as the beam above.

Adopt Mid-Century Modern Style

12) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Adopt Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-Century modern design can be a little twisted with vivid colors instead of subtle ones, and this guest bedroom is a good example. With the large glass door on the side of the wall for a natural light supple, the electric blue bedding stands out even more. It is also accentuated with the patterned rug that covers almost the whole surface of the floor.

Opt for Minimalism

13) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Opt for Minimalism

Sometimes all you need to have a good sleep is less clutter, which goes well with the minimalist guest bedroom, where you put a comfy bedroom, small bedside tables, night lamp, and blackout for the window. Less is always more, so the guests can recharge their energy overnight in the no-hassle room.

Mix the Wall Style

14) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Mix the Wall Style

This appealing guest bedroom design proves that you can mix two styles for the wall and make one of them as an accent instead. The modern gray wall seems like it doesn’t get along with the accent wood wall behind the bed, yet it still well-matched nonetheless. The addition of a headless bed and dried branches exude a more rustic feeling for the room.

Utilize Under Bed Storage

15) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Utilize Under Bed Storage

The bunk bed is a savior for a guest bedroom design, where you have to put many people but stay in style at the same time. Dominated in white and polished wood, the wall is left empty to make the beds stand out more. Look at the storage below the lower bed, getting rid of the need for closet in this narrow space.

Go for Rustic Theme

16) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Go for Rustic Theme

The rustic and vintage bedroom theme will never cease to satisfy your eyes, creating an eye candy sanctuary for the guests. The beds are pushed and hidden in the nook, styled with the pipe décor for a more satisfying-looking design. While the bedside of the room appears in wooden color, the peeking wall is painted in navy blue for a more modern touch.

Mount a Reading Light

17) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Mount a Reading Light

Reading a book before sleep is a powerful habit, so try to provide a good time for your guest with the wall-mounted reading lamp beside the bed. Putting plenty of pillows with plush headboard guarantees comfort to support their back while enjoying each page they flip.

Add Captivating Contrast

18) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Add Captivating Contrast

This all-white guest bedroom interior design is facing a refreshing pool view. Contrasting with the basic color, red rugs are placed everywhere on the floor with different patterns that match well with each other. The wooden elements also highlight the design, while ornaments are kept minimal to avoid too-muchness.

Bring the Nature in the Attic

19) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Bring the Nature in the Attic

The abandoned space on the attic can be transformed into a stylish guest bedroom with a lot of styles. White is undoubtedly the top pick to make a room look more spacious, but to avoid plainness, you must add accent into it. Stone wall and ceiling give color along with the potted greenery placed on the desk across the fluffy bed.

Touch of Art Décor

20) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Touch of Art Décor

You may have a stunning mosaic accent wall for the fireplace and TV in your guest bedroom, but it doesn’t mean the rest of the wall should be left empty. Place a large wall art on the corner, along with the comfy sofa for the guest to relax before bedtime.

Get Matching Wall Décor

21) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Get Matching Wall Décor

Here is another mid-century modern guest bedroom design to choose. This time, it has lots of pattern covering the bedding and stools. But what steals the spotlight is the quirky wall décor above the headboard, which matches well with the hanging night lamps.

Hide in the Window Nook

22) Guest Bedroom Ideas - Hide in the Window Nook

Leverage the stunning view outside the window in your guest bedroom by pushing the bed to the window nook. The bedroom will be turned into a real retreat, as you can wake up to nature and surrounded by the natural wooden elements as well.

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