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22 Refreshing and Elegant Green Bedroom Ideas

By Indah Nur Ariviani September 27, 2020

If you want to have something extraordinary, these green bedroom ideas are the right answer. Exuding a strong feeling from the past and everything old-fashioned, green is the color of Earth that gives a refreshing vibe, makes you feel close to nature.

While green is probably not among the top picks for modern and minimalist design, it shouldn’t stop you from choosing green as the main palette for your bedroom. From an accent wall to bold full-wall covering, we have everything you need to design this green bedroom perfectly.

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Show Off Accent Headboard

01) Green Bedroom Ideas - Show Off Accent Headboard

As all colors go well with black and white, green is no exception. The bright green appears as a headboard accent in a vertical stripe texture, contrasting the black and white stripes of the horizontal wallpaper. As the bedding and bedside table are also in a monochromatic shade, the green accent is undeniably a focal point.

Make an Accent Wall

02) Green Bedroom Ideas - Make an Accent Wall

If the headboard accent is not enough for you, you can paint the whole wall behind the headboard in green. As green is the color of nature, it unsurprisingly matches very well with the wooden bed and bedside tables. And thanks to the large window on the side, each element of the room looks prominent.

Appeal With Patterns

03) Green Bedroom Ideas - Appeal With Patterns

Heavy green spotted! The bedroom has the touch of green in every inch of it. It’s a great example that green is not wrong for a modern and minimalist design. Aside from the accent wall, the patterned bedding looks very appealing, as well as the wall art on the bedside and the tiny potted plant that channels each other.

Be Bold and Loud

04) Green Bedroom Ideas - Be Bold and Loud

Go all-in with the green color by covering the whole wall with it. The emerald green appears in a darker shade, exuding an elegant charm and welcoming feeling. White furnishing and ornaments balance out the bold green color and create an attractive color scheme.

Give a Whimsical Vibe

05) Green Bedroom Ideas - Give a Whimsical Vibe

The bedroom is framed with green, even only on one side of the wall. More than just an accent wall, the embossed texture makes the wall looks extraordinary, rather whimsical and creative with the black wall art that fully covered another side of the wall. Against it, a large floor-to-ceiling window makes sure that a sufficient amount of light can get through.

Pick a Darker Green Tone

06) Green Bedroom Ideas - Pick a Darker Green Tone

Seems like a pattern is a must for every design. It gives a color that saves it from looking plain and boring. The bold bedroom has an all-green wall in it, accentuated with the warm lights exude from a pair of sconces and the classic chandelier.

Stand on the Glamorous Side

07) Green Bedroom Ideas - Stand on the Glamorous Side

Anything glamorous and vintage is strongly related to the Victorian era. It doesn’t have to be black or white. Gray is the color of sophistication that can act as a spare for the green. Aside from the textured wall, the huge chandelier and ornated mirror is the glamour material that can be spotted in the room.

Mount a Floating Shelf Above the Headboard

08) Green Bedroom Ideas - Mount a Floating Shelf Above the Headboard

This Scandinavian bedroom has a lovely layout that makes it look very inviting. Channeling the green accent wall, lots of greenery in various sizes appear as companies. Since the room is not so spacious, the floating shelf is mounted above the headboard to house all the decorative elements.

Choose Energizing Lime Green

09) Green Bedroom Ideas - Choose Energizing Lime Green

Lime green has this energizing vibe and lively feel in it. This is why this bedroom looks airy and comfortable, with minimal hassle in the form of ornaments and décor. It does its main function as a place to rest, but since you can’t give up the style, everything must be color-coordinated.

Arrange Greenery Strategically

10) Green Bedroom Ideas - Arrange Greenery Strategically

There will never be too much green in a bedroom. You can add some shades of green, and they still look pretty and well-designed nonetheless. Green on green is also not a bad idea. Just look at how the lush of greenery stands against the darker green wall. Not to mention the light green pillow and the green-lined blanket on the bed.

Add Tropical Patterns

11) Green Bedroom Ideas - Add Tropical Patterns

Show your love of green by combining more than one green color and adding some pattern to finish it perfectly. While the wall appears in soft green, the other green in the room is bolder and brighter. The addition of a tropical pattern on the bedding makes the room more dynamic and stylish.

Match the Whole Pattern

12) Green Bedroom Ideas - Match the Whole Pattern

This vintage green bedroom has a matching pattern for the whole wall and even the bedding and headboard, but it doesn’t fall to look pretty. Save the design from looking too much and boring by adding some plain-colored pillows that separate the wall and headboard area with the bed. As you have enough already, try not to hang many ornaments on the wall.

Try Neutral Shade

13) Green Bedroom Ideas - Try Neutral Shade

White for a neutral theme is the thing of yesterday, and you ought to try this neutral green bedroom. The pastel green seems to be dominating every inch of the room, but the wooden flooring and baby pink curtain balance the design nicely. The floral pillow and bedding with a splash of red is definitely a scene-stealer for this design.

Refresh in Luxury

14) Green Bedroom Ideas - Refresh in Luxury

For a luxury design, green is not the first choice when it can make a perfect tone. Using the green on green for the accent wall and two huge indoor plants, the bedding appears in the same shade of green with the touch of pattern on the pillow. The blue armchairs are also hard not to look at, as well as the chevron-patterned gray carpet on the floor.

Enrich the Color

15) Green Bedroom Ideas - Enrich the Color

You can play with many colors while trying to make a statement with a green wall. The combination of a paisley pattern for the bedding and curtain with a touch of gray makes the room appears such an eye candy.

Decorate With Striped Wall

16) Green Bedroom Ideas - Decorate With Striped Wall

Stripe is another timeless pattern you can apply for the wallpaper. It is enough to fill the whole surface that you don’t need any ornaments or wall décors. Among the bright of greens, the red nightstand is a distinctive accent.

Take the Subtle Green

17) Green Bedroom Ideas - Take the Subtle Green

If you want to play safe with the green color, choose the subtler shade. The combination of pastel green and white creates a light-feeling room which is cozy and comfy, whether for rest or just lying around all day. Don’t forget to accentuate the design with patterns.

Mount a Sunburst Wall Mirror Décor

18) Green Bedroom Ideas - Mount a Sunburst Wall Mirror Décor

Huge wall décor can work as a good statement without overshadowing the main palette like the sunburst wall décor above, which has a tiny rounded mirror as the center. The rest of the room may not have green on it, but the sunburst draws attention to the wall behind it.

Combine Texture and Pattern

19) Green Bedroom Ideas - Combine Texture and Pattern

Indeed, no color is better at making other colors stand out than white. Go for a simpler choice. The combination of green, white, patterns, and textures creates a perfect bedroom design, just like the green bedroom above. As the room lacks décor and ornaments, the patterned wallpaper on both sides and textured wall accent behind the headboard has already enough to say.

Get Cozy With Tropical Wallpaper

20) Green Bedroom Ideas - Get Cozy With Tropical Wallpaper

You can literally bring a refreshing vibe into the room with this large-patterned tropical wallpaper. The repurposed doors, which are now working as windows, add a vintage and shabby feeling to the room, completing the vintage bedside table and the bed itself.

Go for Beach Style

21) Green Bedroom Ideas - Go for Beach Style

The beach style bedroom is framed with weathered, shiplap green wooden ceiling, and wall that set the mood perfectly. Along with the patterned bedding and natural wooden flooring, the room makes a very comfortable sanctuary that you can spend the whole day doing nothing in it.

Hang Green Window Drapes

22) Green Bedroom Ideas - Hang Green Window Drapes

These window drapes add depth to this green bedroom. The drapery comes in green tropical patterns, a perfect companion to the bamboo home office set. With its serene and down-to-earth atmosphere, you will find this workspace nook as your new favorite space, whether you’re working from home or just reading your favorite books.

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