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22 Best Bedroom Color Ideas for an Energized Morning

By Indah Nur Ariviani June 11, 2021

Today, we’re going to show you cool bedroom color ideas that’ll work in 2021.

Believe it or not, how you feel in the morning right after waking up sets your moods for the day. And, one of the most defining factors would be your bedroom color.

Color schemes play a huge part to create the right atmosphere.

Here, you’ll see light-filled room with large windows in almost every corner of the room to the more elegance, darker-toned bedroom.

It’s not all about the tones, though. Careful selection of bedding and furniture will result in the best layout possible. So, let’s get started.

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Black & Gray

01) Dark and Stylish Paint Color Ideas for Bedroom - Black & Gray

This bedroom looks really elegant. The black wall creates drama. The gray tones found on bedding and bed end bench give hints of gentle comfort. Touches of white—twin bed lamps and bed cover—create balance in this monochromatic setting. Don’t be afraid to build large windows. They allow you to let more natural lights in and highlight each elements better. Final touch? Slide in a purple tufted stool. It is unexpected and creates a visual intrigue instantly.

Black & White

02) Classic Bedroom Color Combo Ideas - Black & White

Black and white scheme is classic. But, this modern industrial bedroom takes it to the next level. The pitch black feature wall creates a dramatic background. You can try to hang a large artwork piece to add a focal point. The white bedding looks really comfy. It resonates well with the white-painted brick wall. The best part? The wood materials on the ceiling add warmth in the otherwise cool room. Need extra coziness? Easy. Get a fur blanket.

Accentuate With Navy Blue

03) Bedroom Accent Color Ideas - Accentuate With Navy Blue

Is your bedroom is already in black & white palette? Here’s a solution: Introduce the third color. As you can see in this airy bedroom, the navy blue color on pillows, blanket, and bed end bench is a show stopper and adds dimension. Don’t forget to put greenery to add a fresh touch.

Paint Your Cabinet Black

04) Masculine Bedroom Cabinet Color Ideas - Paint Your Cabinet Black

If you’re looking for an intimate and masculine look, black is the way to go. Take cue from this bedroom layout. The U-shaped floor-to-ceiling cabinet in black finish functions as walls with ample storage for books and décor pieces. Also, it hosts a space-saving, retractable bed. If this inky tone is too much, you can balance it out by opting for colorful bedding.

Blue & Yellow

05) Bright Color Combo Ideas for Traditional Bedrooms - Blue & Yellow

This traditional bedroom proves that blue and yellow make a great combo. Shades of blue found on headboard, bed skirt, and fluffy rug add hints of calming sensation along with the wooden flooring. The high-spirited yellow on the wall and canopy curtain fills in the space with energy. The result: A serene yet playful room.

Be Eclectic

06) Colorful Bedroom Accessories Ideas - Be Eclectic

We really love this eclectic bedroom. And, we know you would, too. This room is full of patterns and colors—from pillows, blanket, draperies, florals, to the artwork. All seem to be neatly put and well-coordinated. You can mix different bedside tables to create visual interest. As a final touch.. Hang a chandelier and twin bed lamps to tie everything together and lighten the mood throughout the room.

Crisp White Bedroom

07) Bright Bedroom Tone Ideas - Crisp White Bedroom

The all-white bedroom always gives you that dreamy sensation through its crisp design. In this small loft room, everything is in white—from the flooring, bedding, nightstands, bed lights, walls, to the ceiling. The bright tone helps to create a spacious and laid-back space. Splash some gentle blue tones to soften up the look. Put greenery to breathe fresh air.

Show Off Dark Gray Elegance

08) Masculine Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas - Show Off Dark Gray Elegance

If you aim for a dark-themed room, you’ll like this one. In this modern rustic bedroom, the dark gray color on the walls and ceiling adds drama and depth. Rough texture of wood materials from the bench, dresser, and wall décor strengthen the country flair. Last but not least: Lay down a striped rug to add dynamic and shift the attention to the floor.

Glam Turquoise

09) Luxury Bedroom Color Inspiration - Glam Turquoise

In this luxury bedroom, turquoise is the statement. From the bedding, chaise lounge, all the way up to the ceiling, it defines glam. Two antique nightstands in dark finishes frame the bed and break up the main palette. Wait, there’s more: The mirrored canopy bed frame adds sophistication.

Green Wall Paint

10) Bedroom Wall Color Ideas - Green Wall Paint

Earthy-toned colors always bring in a calming sensation. This relaxed bedroom is a great example. As you can see in the picture, the dark green wall blends well with the wooden bed frame and leather headboard. Pick white bed lamp to create a gorgeous contrast.

Moody Hue

11) Dark-Toned Bedroom Wall Design - Moody Hue

Dark moody hue flaunts elegant vibes as well as inviting to spend the night in. Despite the narrow space, this romantic bedroom doesn’t look cramped thanks to the large mirror that takes over one side of the room. Don’t forget to put bed lights with gentle glow to warm up the room.

Blend in Neutral Color

12) Neutral Bedroom Palette Inspo - Blend in Neutral Color

Neutral color schemes give off a refreshing and calming sensation at the same time. Supported by the abundance of lights from the sectional floor-to-ceiling windows, the spacious master bedroom design is even closer to nature with the trees that peeking from it. It is peaceful and relaxing. Don’t you think?

Shades of Blue

13) Bedroom Color Transition Ideas - Shades of Blue

This airy master bedroom looks really comfortable, thanks to the calming blue tones. There are two interesting things happened here: First, the large geo pattern on the blue accent wall is a show stopper. It draws your attention and adds dimension to the space. Second, two red pillows break up the the blue nicely. They strike lovely contrast and infuse energy and passion.

Playful Colors

14) Cheerful Girls' Bedroom Color - Playful Colors

Your teenage girls’ bedroom doesn’t always have to be pink. In fact, you can try to be playful with different colors, as shown in the picture. The walls in soft blue paint serve as a background for the color-rich wall décor, repurposed nightstand, and cute bed lamp. The whole theme will definitely encourage creativity.

Combine Red and White

15) Bedroom Wall Color Combo Ideas - Combine Red and White

The red and white paint colors beautifully wrap up this dreamy bedroom corner. A rather small seating area consists of gray couch and simple brown chair, resulting in a laid-back atmosphere. It doubles as living space and reading spot—There’s a reading light on the wall if you look closely. The herringbone wooden floor grounds the room with nature’s warmth.

Embed Pink Floral Patterns

16) Best Color Schemes for Traditional Rooms - Embed Pink Floral Patterns

This classic, traditional bedroom has three prominent features: wooden element, white wall, and soft pink with floral pattern. It reminds you of the countryside house, which can never be homier than any room you’ve ever been to.

Embrace Coastal Vibe

17) Wallpapered Feature Wall for Bedroom - Embrace Coastal Vibe

Light and simple. Those two words came up in our mind the first time we saw it. The combination of white and blue in this relaxed bedroom has a strong coastal vibe that makes you feel like in a getaway any time. As the wooden element takes over the floor and bed frame, the accent wall looks playful and the velvet blanket looks cozy. It’s beautiful and relaxed at the same time.

Add Hints of Nature (Green Wallpaper)

18) Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas - Add Hints of Nature (Green Wallpaper)

Accent wall is usually placed behind the headboard. But, you can always go out of the box by having it across the bed instead. The combination of the white and green with leaves pattern bring in a refreshing feel. Also, strengthen the natural vibes by introducing wood materials, such as wooden flooring and cabinet.

Refresh With White & Orange

19) Energizing Bedroom Theme Ideas - Refresh With White & Orange

Nothing brings more refreshment and energy other than orange. In this sleek, modern bedroom, the orange accent wall and bedding make a high-spirited and attractive contrast. Also, opting for low bed is a great idea, especially for a roomy space. Each element in the room comes in the same palette, down to the potted plant on each side of the bed.

Girly Pink

20) Girls' Bedroom Paint Color Ideas - Girly Pink

If your daughters shared a room, this cute bedroom is a good inspiration, and it packs different fun colors. The pink headboard and ceiling complements white walls and bedding. Orange pillows add patterns and pop colors. Meanwhile, A mirrored nightstand takes the center stage. It is chic and functional. It provides shared storage solutions and surface space for a pop bed lamp.

Pair White and Yellow Together

21) Bed Headboard Color Ideas - Pair White and Yellow Together

In this bright, crisp bedroom, the yellow color splashes energetic and playful vibes. The vibrant headboard, pillows, and throws accentuate the white bedding with a fresh contrast. It’s just beautiful. Is that it? No, it isn’t. The wood elements—ladder, ceiling beam, and door—are understated features that add natural texture to this casual interior.

Use Wood Tone & Texture

22) Modern Bedroom Color Palette Ideas - Use Wood Tone & Texture

Using only one tone for your interior could be a good choice. It builds unity and cohesive design. As for the case, this modern bedroom is filled with brownish wooden color. It looks luxurious, elegant, and comfy at the same time. The ceiling that boasts clean lines and cool lighting is simply amazing. The outside view and vast windows that take up one side of the room are filling up the contemporary feels.

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