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22 Cool Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

By Indah Nur Ariviani May 11, 2020

Small but more functional than any other rooms in the house, the bathroom deserves more attention in terms of design. But if you don’t have any idea how to transform your bathroom into an eye-catching one, these bathroom wallpaper ideas are probably all you need. You don’t have to make more room for the wallpaper since it doesn’t take any usable space yet suitable to inject your personal taste into the room. There are tons of wallpaper patterns that are surely fit into any of your bathroom design. Get inspired by taking a look at our wallpaper ideas, from the minimalist white to the bolder, vivid ones.

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Abstract and Artsy

Abstract and Artsy - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Since the lower wall of the bathroom is usually covered in sleek tiles, the upper ones tend to be empty. But there is the space to explore your creativity, especially if you are so into art. The abstract wallpaper pattern gives an artsy touch to the overall atmosphere. The dominant white balances the overall design.

Accent Wall on One Side

Accent Wall on One Side - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

An accent wall is generally used to highlight the most prominent spot of the room, making it even more visible as it has a noticeably different background. One works well, too, with the bathroom. Put the wallpaper on one side of the wall where the bathtub lies. Feel free to experiment with colors and patterns, as long as it doesn’t stray too far from the theme.

Around the Custom Bookshelf

Around the Custom Bookshelf - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

The bathroom is not an ideal place for a bookshelf, but many people spend their time while doing their business by reading a book. You can make use of the empty wall around it for wallpapers. You may opt for minimalist designs if your bathroom is not spacious to begin with.

Black and White City Wallpaper

Black and White City Wallpaper - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Not quite like a bathroom, this one is exceptionally stylish. Using the monochromatic black and white in every aspect except for the wooden floor, the city wallpaper instantly catches your eye. As the wallpaper itself has many detailed patterns, the ornaments on the wall are being kept minimal.

Calm Green Leaf

Calm Green Leaf - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

For a natural-themed bathroom, nature-inspired wallpaper patterns are perfect for finalizing the design. Exuding calming ambiance into the room, you will feel the relaxing sensation when you enter the bathroom. Large patterns are used instead of the small ones for a more defined background.

Wallpaper on the Ceiling

Wallpaper on the Ceiling - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Don’t think that you don’t have spaces left to redesign your bathroom just because the wall is covered by tiles from the floor-to-ceiling. Look up, and you’ll find that the ceiling is still empty and there you go – put the wallpaper on the ceiling instead. Pick a contrasting color and pattern to add layouts into the room.

Artistic and Eclectic Nature

Artistic and Eclectic Nature - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

When you think about eclectic, the first thing that struck your mind might be everything bold and vivid. In fact, you can use one major theme for an eclectic bathroom, such as the combination of marble tiles and nature wallpaper painting. With some splashes of gold, it becomes luxury in a modern style.

Gold and Black Combination

Gold and Black Combination - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Put aside black and white, now take a look and the elegant black and gold. Combining both colors for your bathroom will change the look forever, making it looks more elegant thanks to the golden elements that appear everywhere. Big-patterned wallpaper is such a good idea to make it more stand out.

Gold With Geometry Pattern

Gold With Geometry Pattern - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Gold means luxury, and it’s what you need to add if you want your bathroom to look more like one. The combination of golden colors with the neutral white colors induces minimalist style at the same time, along with the subtle geometric pattern. Notice how it dominates the room as the wallpaper takes up the whole space on the wall.

Industrial Theme

Industrial Theme - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Everything about industrial design always catches your eyes, including this particular wallpaper pattern. Not quite like wallpaper, it looks like an old rusty wall for real. The dark color balances the white flooring, vanity, and toilets. This masculine bathroom suits you best, Bachelors!

Luxurious Pink Pattern

Luxurious Pink Pattern - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Pink wallpaper and the warm yellow lights flaunt a romantic vibe from the room. Not just the sconces, the chandelier above the tub has yellow lights too, as well as the large gold framed mirror on the wall. But as you can see, the whites also adds layer into the room.

Natural Meets Classic

Natural Meets Classic - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Natural-themed wallpaper with small details creates a perfect atmosphere for a classic bathroom. The golden touch on the wall and sconces defines luxury, while the marble-top vanity and wooden cabinets add a more classic room of the bathroom.

Nest Egg by Sanderson

Nest Egg by Sanderson - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

This artistic Sanderson wallpaper serves as the perfect background for your vintage bathroom. The simple design with lines of eggs in a rather earthy color tone sets the mood right for the grayish companions, as well as the wooden board flooring. Notice the drapes that come in the same pattern as the wallpaper.

Oceanic Theme

Oceanic Theme - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Another masculine bathroom wallpaper you can take inspiration from. The seamless oceanic pattern takes up the whole wall, from the floor to the ceiling. As the wallpaper has large patterns, the glass vanity and toilet appears in a more minimalist design.

Orange Flower

Orange Flower - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

You may have a small bathroom, but don’t let it stop you from playing with patterns and colors. The bolder choice of orange with small white flowers can be a good alternative. It gets along well with the warm yellow lights exuded from the classic chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. The small vintage mirror above the desk adds a good vintage feeling.

Plaid Pattern

Plaid Pattern - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Don’t be afraid to combine more than one pattern, especially if you have a large bathroom. The classic black and white plaid pattern fill in the empty wall around the vanity desk all the way across the room. Interestingly enough, the window drapes appear in a pattern too but blend in well with the wallpaper.

Playful Jungle Theme

Playful Jungle Theme - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

To create a luxurious and elegant bathroom, you don’t always have to use the Victorian-patterned wallpaper. Go beyond ordinary by choosing this playful jungle theme in vivid orange colors. Instead of childish, the hanging monkeys compliment the black and gold vanity in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror.

Soft Blue Trellis

Soft Blue Trellis - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

A pattern that is suitable for either minimalist or vintage bathroom. The trellis-patterned bathroom in soft blue colors adds brightness into the room, serving as a transitional element between the wooden flooring and the white ceiling. Whether you have a large bathroom or the tiny ones, don’t hesitate to try this pattern.

Soothing Floral Theme

Soothing Floral Theme - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Another vintage wallpaper ideas for a feminine-looking bathroom. As the lower wall is covered in sleek marble tiles just like the floor, the upper half is filled with Sakura wallpaper on a pastel background. Every aspect in the room look balanced, just notice the sconces, stool, and water tap, which is all color-coordinated.

Double Patterned Wallpaper

Double Patterned Wallpaper - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

A design suitable for kids and teenagers, the black and white bathroom has double-patterned wallpaper covering the wall: subway tiles for the lower and synchronized swimmers in a more detailed pattern for the upper part. The black and white floor tiling makes a triple pattern of the bathroom.

Tribal Vanity Wallpaper

Tribal Vanity Wallpaper - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Putting wallpaper behind the vanity desk creates an exceptional accent wall that sets the mood for the bathroom. Showing off a tribal pattern, the blue wallpaper appears in matching color with the cabinet. The look suits well for either a small bathroom or powder room.

Whimsical Pink Pattern

Whimsical Pink Pattern - Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

The pinky-looking, feminine bathroom has an elegant design. Thanks to the whimsical patterned wallpaper, it sets the mood right against the soft pink vanity as well as the large mirror that is framed with a thin pinkish line.

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