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22 Bathroom Tiles Ideas to Make a Stunning Visual Appearance

By Indah Nur Ariviani June 5, 2020

The bathroom is probably the second most private room in the house after the bedroom. Many people love to spend their time inside it, making the design of the bathroom is something you should carefully think about. There are many ways to make your bathroom more stunning. One of them is these bathroom tiles ideas we are going to present to you.

Bathroom tiles serve many purposes: from an accent wall, decoration, and maintenance. It also sets the mood for the entire room, so every little thing about the tiles must be considered and planned carefully. Do you want big tiles or small ones? Light or darker tones? Shiny or matte finish? Let’s check out what we have in store to transform your bathroom into unrecognizable.

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Create a Monochromatic Look

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Create a Monochromatic Look

Choosing black and white tiles for your bathroom can never be a wrong decision. However, you can play with texture and pattern for a more balanced layout. While the wall tiles are made seamless with no border – even though the difference in pattern and texture is visibly noticeable – the large tiles on the black flooring are outlined in white. The small yellow stools and greeneries definitely breathe lives into the room.

Give Accent

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Give Accent

One of the best things about bathroom tiles is you can choose a completely different shade from the main theme and make it as an accent wall instead. The tiny blue mosaic tiles definitely stand out against the concrete floor and white vanity. But since the tiles cover the showering area, it looks just fit well in there.

Be Bold

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Be Bold

Mosaic tiles allow you to be creative since you can arrange the pattern the way you want it to be, whether it is dense or loose. The bathroom design above is a perfect example, where the walls and ceilings are covered in mosaic tiles. The bottom part is filled with a denser pattern. As it getting higher, the color gets loosen gracefully.

Opt for Darker Shade

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Opt for Darker Shade

For a masculine-looking bathroom, dark gray tiles will set the whole mood perfectly. With only one color shade for the floor and walls, the bathroom exudes elegant vibes and modernity with the glass door. For both decorative elements and utility, put a simple wooden bench on the corner.

Add Natural Elements

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Add Natural Elements

Here is another dark-toned bathroom in dark tiles with a little bit accent under the tub. Instead of using the similar material as the rest of the floor, stone tiles are chosen to highlight the focal point. Aside from that, note the cove lighting on the wall behind the vanity that also serves as a great attraction.

Play With Shape

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Play With Shape

Choosing the shape for bathroom tiles is another thing that should be carefully considered. While the classic rectangle shape has become too common, opt for the hexagonal shape. For a bathroom where the wall tiles look seamless, the hex floor tiles balance it out.

Going Classic With Limestone

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Going Classic With Limestone

The limestone tiles add elegance into a bathroom, especially with the Tuscan style like the one above. The bathroom appears in an earthy tone while the wooden furniture and marble sink complete the look, as well as the limestone tiles, which also cover the wet area of the bathroom.

Make It Lovely

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Make It Lovely

The mosaic pattern can be modified into anything you want, going extraordinary by arranging the pattern into lovely tangled vines. This design works best for a classic bathroom with a golden and beige tone. The pattern itself is beautifully designed to be centered on the area where the bathtub lies.

Use Double

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Use Double

The eclectic bathroom will definitely make you fall in love right from the first glance. There are two focal points you can notice, the first one being the 3D geometric tiles in the monochromatic shade; the second is the mirrored tiles on the wall. It gives an illusion that the room is bigger, which is great for a bathroom with limited space.

Back to Basic

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Back to Basic

One just can’t get tired of the black and white combination. Both colors make a good design for the bathroom too. Sleek black tiles of the wall above the vanity are beautifully contrasting against the white cabinets. Note the hexagon tiles on the floor that give accent to the bathroom.

Mix the Pattern

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Mix the Pattern

Don’t hesitate to mix more than one pattern into one bathroom. As the patterns subtly transform, it somehow separates different areas in the room. The curved edge behind the tub has sleek and shining mosaic tiles, while the wall behind the vanity is in pastel pink tiles with a matte finish. Not to mention the white flooring, which color is different as well. To balance the pattern, choose white furniture and other monochrome shades.

Flaunts Your Creativity

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Flaunts Your Creativity

Don’t take for granted the hex tiles you choose as your bathroom tiles. Take the design into another level by creating a flower pattern out of a few single tiles. All you need is two different colors of tiles and voila! Let your creative soul be awoken.

Vividly Bold

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Vividly Bold

The modern minimalist bathroom has one focal point, which is hard not to be noticed from the first sight. Dominated by white, it combines the splashes of black and red in a sufficient amount. The red accent wall on the far side even has a marbling pattern on it, adding luxury into the bathroom.

Combine Soft Hues

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Combine Soft Hues

Soft bathroom color brings out calm and relaxation, making it a place to release all the fatigue after a long and tiring day. Combine two soft hues for a minimalist bathroom, along with large windows for an endless supply of natural lights during the day.

Say It With Teal

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Say It With Teal

There are many ways to give accent to your bathroom, and different tile colors are just one of them. Strongly associated with modern design like mid-century modern, the color can be added to a vintage bathroom as well. Contrasting the earthy tone and natural materials, the teal tiles stand out on its own, defining the bathtub and shower box, which happen to be two main functions of the bathroom.

Make the Texture Visible

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Make the Texture Visible

Embossed tiles add dimension to a bathroom, especially when it is used as an accent wall. Filling up the space behind the tub, the textured tiles have similar colors as the wall and floor tiles. It is an excellent way to highlight the most essential part of the room without trying too hard.

Adopt the Middle-East Style

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Adopt the Middle-East Style

Upon looking at the golden brown-themed bathroom above, you might be instantly reminded of the Middle-Eastern style. But take a look at two different patterns used for the tiles, which is firmly separated by a thin protruding line. The trellis pattern is something uncommon for bathroom tiles, which will make yours different than others’.

Refreshing Turquoise

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Refreshing Turquoise

Here is another refreshment for the eyes that appears in the turquoise color. Dominating the whole wall in the spacious bathroom, it consistently uses one pattern: the subway. The classic tiles bring out modern vintage vibe into the bathroom, and to make the color stand out, plain white is chosen for the flooring, ceiling, and furniture.

Use Two Tones

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Use Two Tones

The long and narrow bathroom is separated into two different areas: the toilet and the bath. Instead of using an accent wall with patterned tiles, two-toned cabinets in wooden texture and mustard color in the middle. To make sure it looks prominent, white tiles are chosen for the walls.

Define Luxury

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Define Luxury

Marble tiles never fail to make anything look luxurious. One side of the wall and the floor of the bathroom use marble tiles with different patterns. Subway for the floor and seamless for the wall. The combination of black colors and mosaic tiles for the rounded tub completes the design beautifully.

Go Back to Classic

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Go Back to Classic

Subway tiles are a classic pattern that works well for both modern and minimalist design. The wall of the bathroom is fully covered in sleek tiles with subway patterns. Unfortunately, it is unable to stand out against the all-white design, but thanks to the wooden ladder and greeneries that saves the look.

Let It Be Natural

Bathroom Tile Ideas - Let It Be Natural

Tired of the smooth modern tiles? Go with natural elements like wooden flooring. The dark wooden floor is a good compliment for the white wall and dark ceiling above. It is mostly suitable for industrial design.

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