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22 Functional yet Stylish Bathroom Shelf Ideas

By Indah Nur Ariviani April 30, 2021

Chances are, every room in the house could get messy, and the bathroom is no exception. For a more organized bathroom – a so-called source of inspiration for many, all you need is our bathroom shelves ideas. More than just a place to store your toiletries and accessories, bathroom shelves should enhance your bathroom design, making it visually pleasing, and you end up spending more time than you should.

From floor-to-ceiling, floating shelves, or minimalist one, we have everything that would be suitable for any space and style. Here is our take on the most stylish bathroom shelves you could possibly ever have.

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Simple and Stylish Tray

Simple and Stylish Tray - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

While it might be exhausting to reach the soap and you need to get off from the tub, this tiny yet useful shelf is there for the rescue. Stretching across the tub itself, you can enjoy a hassle-free bathing time with the soap is only one hand away. This shelf is very suitable when there is no side table, or you have a minimalist tub.

Floating Triangle

Floating Triangle - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

A simple sink with simple three-tier shelves mounted on the corner. Channeling the artsy wooden-frame rounded mirror, the corner shelves are also made of wood in dark shades, creating existence for themselves. As the shelves appear in triangular shapes, they fit perfectly for the corner.

Classic Corner Shelf

Classic Corner Shelf - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Another corner shelf but in a more classic design this time. The shelf is in a light wood finish, adding a nice texture to the already all-white bathroom. In the middle of it, the table and door are also using wooden color to make them stand out against the tiles.

Modern and Transparent

Modern and Transparent - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

The bathroom shelf doesn’t always to be storage for your toiletries. You can use it to put your ornaments instead. In a narrow and minimalist white bathroom, the tiny and transparent shelf above the toilet houses a pretty potted greeneries that breathe life into it. But you can go back to its original function if you’d like to.

Framed in Gold and Wood

Framed in Gold and Wood - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

How many shelves needed for a bathroom would be different for each people. You may use two shelves for two different functions: a golden shelf above the tub for towels and a mirror shelf for toiletries. However, both have one thing in common: they give lives to white interiors.

Trendy Hexagonal Shelves

Trendy Hexagonal Shelves - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

In a narrow space, floating shelves are much better than floor shelves. When the room is in monochromatic shades in the likes of white and gray, wooden hexagonal shelves will outline the minimalist design. It serves as a sufficient décor for a small bathroom.

Behind the Wall

Behind the Wall - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Decorating bathroom shelves is all about utilizing every existing nook and corner. And if you have this hidden space in your bathroom, it makes a good room for shelves. You can even stack it higher if you have so many things to be stored, making the bathroom looks neat and more organized.

Chic in Industrial

Chic in Industrial - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

This is one good design for industrial lovers! The sophisticated shelves have a humbler origin, made out of painted pipes and three wooden boards stacked all together. Housing the towels, tissues, and greeneries, the shelves look even more stylish with the gray wall as the background.

Shelves in a Cabinet

Shelves in a Cabinet - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

If you prefer closed shelves, in case they easily get messed up, put a pair of doors on it and, voila! you get shelves hidden inside the cabinets. The door can serve double duty, not only to conceal what’s inside but also as mirrors on the vanity desk. Mind the color and design according to the designated bathroom style.

Attractive Ladder Shelves

Attractive Ladder Shelves - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Traditional-shaped shelves are getting replaced by modern ones. Many people opt for more stylish designs that you can find on online sources, such as Pinterest. Ladder shelves are a good complement for the small bathroom, housing your bathroom needs in an organized way. As this is another all-white bathroom over again, the unfinished wooden shelves stand out in the middle of everything.

Wide Open Shelves

Wide Open Shelves - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

In contrast to the closed shelves, open shelves are for those who can ensure they can stay neat and organized all the time. Open shelves can be used as an element of decoration, such as when towels are stacked accordingly into their respective color and pattern. It saves the room from blandness.

Quirky and Double

Quirky and Double - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

You may need separate shelves for soaps, shower puffs, and aromatic candles. While the recessed shelf is more functional to put your toiletries, using twin wooden stools as a bearer for aromatic candle leaves a quirky impression that sets the whole mood.

Tiled and Recessed

Tiled and Recessed - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

One more recessed shelf idea to organize your bathroom. Function over design, the recessed shelf has an accent for itself with mosaic tiles that separate the section. Placed right under the shower, you don’t have to go anywhere to get your shampoo.

Pretty in Rustic

Pretty in Rustic - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Rustic theme never fails to present a warm and inviting vibe, thanks to its earthy color shade. The appearance of the three-tier, half recessed shelf by the mirror and the tiny succulents above it looks prominent on the vanity area. They even blend perfectly well with the golden hanger, faucets, and cabinet handles.

Functionality Above Everything

Functionality Above Everything - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Some people prefer functionality over design when it comes to bathroom shelves. If all you need is a place to put your soap and shampoo so that they won’t be scattered all over the place, this mini stainless shelves hung on the showerhead will be more than enough. You can place some toys on the tub. They are useful to keep the toiletries away from the hand of your little ones.

A True Organizer

A True Organizer - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

The Scandinavian bathroom comes with stainless shelves instead of wood. A good addition to the bathroom in terms of functionality and visual appearance. Not quite out of the box, the tall shelves truly living up to its function as organizers, housing everything you may need inside the bath. It is positioned just off the vanity instead in line with it to push it into the view.

Unique Tiered Shelves

Unique Tiered Shelves - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Vertical shelves are indeed a good choice, space and design-wise at the same time. Not only the design, but the positioning is also important according to the functions. The tiered shelves are in two shades of wooden colors to blend with the overall shades, and it is placed near the shower box, serving you towels right after bathing.

Under the Vanity

Under the Vanity - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

The industrial bathroom design looks mesmerizing, but what catches your attention is the hidden shelf under the vanity. This particular shelf is great if you apparently don’t have much space on the wall, but you still need the shelf nonetheless. Rather than letting it empty, use it as a horizontal rack for you to organize your bath-related things.

Rustic and Under

Rustic and Under - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Shiplap walls are the main identity of a farmhouse design, which will go hand in hand with a rustic style bathroom shelf. While it is too bad to hammer nails on the pretty wall, utilize the space under the vanity desk. The unpolished, timeworn wooden board defines your bathroom style better than ever.

Shelves Inside the Vanity

Shelves Inside the Vanity - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Coming from the similar ideas of using under vanity shelves, but this one is a part of the cabinets. Instead of having doors, it was left open to make it easy for you to reach the rolled towels inside.

Over the Sink

Over the Sink - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

The horizontal bathroom shelf is mounted between the sink and the mirror, creating a balanced layout as well as color shade. Coming in a light wood finish, it complements the pastel-colored tiles on the wall very well.

Wooden Black Shelf

Wooden Black Shelf - Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Floating against the white walls, this black shelf is so prominent and stylish. Housing various toiletries as well as ornaments, you can rely on this one single shelf without needing to add more. It works well in your small bathroom!

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