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22 Transforming Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

By Indah Nur Ariviani June 11, 2020

It is no secret that in time you will get bored with your bathroom appearance and wanting to make a subtle, if not significant, but noticeable change to refresh the look. But the biggest problem most people face is not how to makeover the bathroom, but the costs of the remodeling itself. You don’t need to worry about it too much, though, because these bathroom remodeling ideas will give you both transformed look and budget savvy.
From expanding the vanity, installing window glass partition to the shower box, to creating accent tiles, you can find anything that suits your taste and money. Dive down until the end of our articles for inspiring remodeling ideas that you want to adapt to your bathroom immediately.

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Contrasting Two Looks

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Contrasting Two Looks

Through remodeling the bathroom, you can get a more defined look and trying an unusual combination. The mosaic accent wall and vanity backsplash, for example, appear in a contrasting beauty that livens up your previously neutral-toned bathroom. Instead of having both in matching color, both have different tones.

Install New Lightings

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Install New Lightings

Black and white exude an elegant monochromatic look, but at some point, it could be plain and boring. If you want to keep the style by not adding any other colors, install plenty of new lightings instead. The bright white sconces above the vanity mirror are reflected by the white tiles and transparent glass shower doors, illuminating all directions of the bathroom.

Renew the Curtain

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Renew the Curtain

A Mediterranean style bathroom is probably not the first choice for kids, but by a little touch of magic, the design would appear brighter for them. Without changing the original layout, appearance, and furniture, all you have to do is changing the shower curtain to a chicer style and colorful design. Also, notice the tiny dustbin and doormat, which has matching colors and patterns.

Push the Tub to the Corner

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Push the Tub to the Corner

If your budget allows, this major remodeling idea will completely transform the appearance of your bathroom. Adding the corner tub – probably as a replacement for the old shower box – creates an elegance vibe as the room is wrapped in earthy tone colors. To add a dramatic impression, use a lot of candles that will also make you relax upon entering it. When there is enough space left, you could also have a reading corner on your own!

Make Space for Extra Storage

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Make Space for Extra Storage

Storage is one of the most essential features in the bathroom. It ensures your stuff stays organized and makes it look nice. However, if you are short of storage, create an extra one beside the empty corner of your vanity desk. If it’s not enough to make a difference, install new lights and sconces in yellow lights for a more romantic look.

Add Extra Vanity

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Add Extra Vanity

Another extra vanity idea you can use while remodeling the bathroom when you are lucky enough to have extra space. The empty nook on the side of the room is a perfect space for it. Have the new vanity in the same style and design as the old one, so that your bathroom still looks perfectly coordinated after.

Use Shower Divider

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Use Shower Divider

A small bathroom is the tricky one, as too many stylings will make it overwhelmed. However, it is still important to separate the wet room from the dry one to minimize the water from spreading around. Placing a shower divider is a great idea, and having it in a classic transparent glass is just perfect for your tiny bathroom.

Change the Floor Tiles

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Change the Floor Tiles

Here is one more major remodeling idea for a revolutionary look of your bathroom. The black floor tiles create a new black and white modern look, matching so well with the preexisted white wall and wooden element. Pay attention to the little details such as repainting the ceiling in black, mirroring the dark hex floor.

Consider Marble Countertop

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Consider Marble Countertop

Tired of how your vanity always looks all these years? Then make the vanity countertop the main subject of your bathroom remodeling. Depending on what style you want to get, but this white marble design is definitely the epitome of elegance. If your cabinet is already in white, you don’t even need to buy a new one, which is good news for your budget.

Match the Wall and Flooring

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Match the Wall and Flooring

When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, the first thing you have to carefully weigh is budget. This one remodeling ideas will cost you a fortune, yet it is no problem when you have prepared enough. This matching wall and flooring make a luxurious modern design, especially because of the marble cover all over it.

Accent With Mosaic Tiles

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Accent With Mosaic Tiles

A small change to your bathroom can refresh your mood right away, particularly when you bring in the cool and calming blue to your neutral-colored tone. Accent the wall beside the tub with blue mosaic tiles in a detailed layout. As for the empty room over the nook, place bottle décor in matching colors as the new tiles.

Opt for Oversized Vanity

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Opt for Oversized Vanity

One vanity is too small, but adding an extra one is not efficient. In this case, replace your old single vanity with this oversized one to fill one side of the bathroom. The dark wooden design combined with marble countertop creates a vintage and traditional vibe, as for the white wall and ceiling gives a more defined layout to the design.

Redefine With Patterned Flooring

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Redefine With Patterned Flooring

Redefine the style of your bathroom by changing your flooring tiles. The new pattern tiles induce a classic touch for the design, blending well with the copper faucet and marble accent wall behind the vanity mirror.

Keep the Wet Room Enclosed

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Keep the Wet Room Enclosed

If you used to have a seamless bathroom where the border of the wet and dry room is not truly defined, this wet room enclosure idea is perfect for the remodeling. Keep the seamless mode on by choosing a transparent glass wall and doors.

Play With Patterns

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Play With Patterns

Get rid of the boredom in your bathroom with this quirky pattern play. Only with two different patterns – white herringbone for the wall and tub and earthy tone random rectangular for the floor – are enough to make a difference for a transforming bathroom.

Turn Into Farmhouse Style

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Turn Into Farmhouse Style

White color, clean lines, and minimal clutter is the definition of a farmhouse style. This works best for a tiny space, minimizing the hassle every time you enter the bathroom. As for the design above, the focal point of the farmhouse style is none other than the shiplap wooden wall.

Go for Stone Texture

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Go for Stone Texture

Similar yet different, no phrase could describe this simply luxurious bathroom above. Take off your eyes from its leathered tub for a while, pay more attention to the different stone texture used for the shower box, vanity area, and the tub area. Thanks to the fully patterned surface, you don’t need to add more ornaments or décor.

Double With Twin Vanity

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Double With Twin Vanity

When one is not enough, make it double. Having twin vanity wouldn’t hurt, even it could take your bathroom design to the next level. And if you want to make this vanity section stands out, add the mosaic accent wall behind the twin mirrors.

Mount the Faucet to the Wall

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Mount the Faucet to the Wall

Bathroom remodeling should be done meticulously so that not a single detail could slip out of your attention. Replacing the faucet is an example. Even this tiny thing would make you feel the difference, and if you previously had the tab attached to the sink, mount it to the wall this time around.

Float the Toilet

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Float the Toilet

According to what you want to change, you may opt for detailed remodeling or the major one. The picture above shows you how the first can be done cleverly by replacing the old toilet seat to the floating one for a simpler and modern look. Not too big yet strong enough to be noticeable.

Choose Whimsical Accent Wall

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Choose Whimsical Accent Wall

This tiny bathroom doesn’t have many spaces to work with, but one single change can modify the overall vibe. Choose whimsical pattern tiles for the accent wall at the end of the bathroom and, on top of that, have it in a completely different color. It is the shortcut to make it stands out than the rest of the stuff.

Build Wooden Deck

Bathroom Remodel Ideas - Build Wooden Deck

Do your tub a favor by building a nature-inspired wooden deck around it. More than transforming your bathroom appearance, you can feel this relaxing sensation every time you dip in your body at the end of the day.

Indah Nur Ariviani[Editor]
Indah is an experienced & professional content writer & editor covering awesome ideas about home decor and improvements. She is a hard worker, a life-long learner and a determined person. When she's not writing here, you may find her writing about lifestyle, translating documents or getting dizzy learning finance-related stuff.

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