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22 Bathroom Organizer Ideas for a Quick Getting Ready in the Morning

By Indah Nur Ariviani June 9, 2020

Regardless of the space size, bathroom organizers are a must-have. No matter how tiny your bathroom is, you need a separate section to store the towels, toothbrushes, toilet papers, etc. A poorly organized bathroom will not bring you one of those peaceful mornings, and there will be so much hassle in getting ready. Thus, these bathroom organizer ideas come to the rescue.

Suitable for any design and space, you can find quirky ideas to make your bathroom more serene and zen. Say goodbye to that confusion and forgetfulness because your toiletries are all over the place. Let’s declutter with these organizer ideas!

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Add Antique Furniture

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Add Antique Furniture

The vintage design makes a solid statement. In the middle of an all-white bedroom in a modern style, the dark wooden vintage cabinet works as a great focal point. The placement also matters as the lights from the window help the cabinet to stand out. If you have an antique cabinet like this one, put it inside your bathroom right away.

Opt for a Built-In Cabinet

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Opt for a Built-In Cabinet

When you want to save some space but shelving is still a necessity, then having a built-in one is the best solution. Make sure that the shelf is capable of storing everything from the towel bin, skincare rack, to toiletries. This way, your bathroom will look clean, neat, and clutter-free.

Save Space With Built-In Shelving

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Save Space With Built-In Shelving

This is another space-saving built-in shelves for you who don’t want to have too many organizers occupying the bathroom. This open shelf cabinet is not a place to store your toilet needs, but to display some ornaments that show your authentic taste. You can adapt this style to a spacious bathroom.

Conceal With Style

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Conceal With Style

Keeping the organizers closed and concealed makes your bathroom looks cleaner and relaxing. This modern and classic vanity cabinet will answer your need. The white cabinet doors add a minimalist, clean look and accentuated with the dark wooden color – matching the floating shelves on the elevated section.

Add Floating Shelves for More Storage

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Add Floating Shelves for More Storage

Sometimes, it is inevitable to have more organizers when you have so many things to organize. Rather than adding stuff to your floor, mount the shelves above and let it float. The floating shelves give you more storage room without making the bathroom look cramped.

Use a Freestanding Shelving Unit

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Use a Freestanding Shelving Unit

With a spacious bathroom, you can add any kind of storage design you want, yet it is best to have it efficiently. This freestanding shelving takes up the floor all the way to the ceiling, but its big size works as an all-in-one storing unit. If there are still some empty rack left, putting the ornament for a decorative element wouldn’t hurt.

Hang a Three-Tier Vintage Storage

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Hang a Three-Tier Vintage Storage

Be careful when you are working with a tiny bathroom or powder room. When there is no space for a floor shelf, use this three-tier hanging storage instead. Its vintage design steals attention, especially since it is accidentally made of the same material as the flooring.

Include the Industrial-Style Rack

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Include the Industrial-Style Rack

The famous industrial design always gives us new inspiration each time. This one of a kind bathroom has so much to look at, from the wooden wall, concrete flooring, metal doors, and quirky sconces. However, the shelving storage couldn’t be more industrial than this, supported by the mechanical ornaments that look like they really came from the original industrial era.

Be Color-Coordinated

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Be Color-Coordinated

Design-wise, an organizer shouldn’t be straying too far from the dominating color. As the bathroom is using the bright white color with a little touch of black, it is only right that the organizing closet comes in matching color. In case the design might be looking too plain and boring, consider painting the ceiling. The pastel blue ceiling is another match for the monochromatic lower half.

Maximize the Narrow Corner

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Maximize the Narrow Corner

A powder room is often located in a tiny, windowless space. While it usually consists of vanity, mirror, and toilet bowl, the addition of organizers seems necessary to maintain its tidy look. Push the closet organizer to the corner, and when it’s not enough, opt for floating shelves instead. Remember to brighten the light in the room, since there will be no sunlight can pierce through.

Reuse an Old Cabinet

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Reuse an Old Cabinet

Add a little bit of a nostalgic element into your bathroom with this old cabinet. With its shabby appearance, the cabinet surprisingly blends well with the refined vanity, which also has a similar color. The wired doors are access to the tiered shelving inside where you can put the towels and other stuff in.

Try Rustic Style

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Try Rustic Style

A rustic style bathroom that is dominated by wooden elements will bring you pure tranquility and serenity in the morning. Present the rustic vibe through large cabinet storage and maintain its natural unpolished look. Since it is a closed cabinet, chances are you will get confused about where did you store what. Label each storage according to what’s inside so that you can have a real peaceful morning.

Use Portable Trays

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Use Portable Trays

A small bathroom often means that there’s no space for additional organizers. Make space for extra storage with this portable three-tier trays. As the design is inspired by the industrial style, the trays work as a supporting element since it was made of metal.

Add Recessed Bookshelf

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Add Recessed Bookshelf

Adding a bookshelf in a bathroom is probably the last resort for many people, but this makes a very comfortable powder room! Let your guests entertain themselves by reading your collections, which are stacked neatly in a recessed bookshelf.

Install Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Install Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Recessed shelves make your bathroom interior looks more efficient and pleasant. As seen in the design above, the medicine cabinet stands side by side with the mirror in a recessed design. The unfinished wooden painting gives a little artistic touch into it.

Back to Traditional

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Back to Traditional

A traditional bathroom is timeless, and the organizers create an elegant look on it. In a room that is dominated by neutral shades, the traditional cabinet appears as a unique focal point. Its transparent double door makes what’s inside visible, adding a decorative element while providing storage space for the room at the same time.

Use Twin Vanity

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Use Twin Vanity

Sometimes, one vanity is just not enough. And, if there is still enough room left, Make it double! Using twin vanity is not just for the sake of design but also the functionality. It means there is more space to store things that making your bathroom looks even neater than before.

Create Under Bench Organizers

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Create Under Bench Organizers

Don’t let even an inch of your bathroom left in vain. Turn the space under the bathroom bench into an organizing space for things that you use the most. You may add storage baskets or arranging things right away.

Utilize the Sink

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Utilize the Sink

Not only space under the bench that you can use to expand the organizers. The empty space under the sink can also be utilized as one. In the kids’ bathroom above, the organizers are used to stack towels on one side, while toys & cute dolls are stored on the other side.

Attach Wall-Mounted Rack

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Attach Wall-Mounted Rack

Regardless of the design and space, the need for organizers in a bathroom can’t be ignored. The industrial bathroom above uses a three-tier wall-mounted rack to save some space on the floor. The rack looks just right for a narrow bathroom.

Match the Baskets

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Match the Baskets

Be organized, but don’t give up the style. This balanced-looking bathroom is covered in black and brown, creating a subtle nature-inspired design. Emphasize the nature style through the matching woven baskets as storages.

Mind the Shelf Design

Bathroom Organizer Ideas - Mind the Shelf Design

Play with shelving shapes to create a unique organizer in your bathroom. The recessed shelving has a quirky X-shape, provides you a place you organize things, and to add another decorative element in it. Look at the way the towels are stacked. Cute, isn’t it?

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