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22 Mesmerizing Bathroom Ceiling Ideas to Elevate Your Design

By Indah Nur Ariviani June 22, 2020

Remodeling and redecorating your bathroom will give you so much to think about, but changing the ceiling’s look could be the least on your list. Choosing the right ceiling paintings is as important as choosing the wall tiles, as it can do wonder to your bathroom design. Stop taking it for granted and take a look at these mesmerizing bathroom ceiling ideas to give it a second thought.

From curved wooden beams, white color, cloudy painting, to chandelier fixtures, you can elevate your design by these distinctive choices of ceilings. More than just transforming the look, you can use the ceiling to create a roomier impression in a tiny space and accentuate the plain palette of the furniture below. Once you’ve set your mind, your bathroom will never look the same again.

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Brush Some 3D Paint

Brush Some 3D Paint - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Painted ceiling with a little touch of art is the best alternative when you are thinking about creating a prominent feature inside an all-white bathroom design. Since the bathroom is equipped with only one color – ranging from flooring, vanity cabinet, and wall paint – the 3D painted ceiling looks undeniably stand out. Despite its low ceiling, the “crowded” ceiling is balanced by the neutral tone below.

Apply Pitch-Black Paint

Apply Pitch-Black Paint - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Many people wouldn’t opt for a pitch-black ceiling since it exudes a gloomy and depressing vibe. It won’t happen, though, only if you know that you should combine it with its soulmate: white. In this classic black and white bathroom, black is dominating the ceiling and create a seamless impression, resulting in a roomier vibe in this narrow space.

Make Statement With Blue Color

Make Statement With Blue Color - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Painting your bathroom ceiling in a vivid color will never be out of date when the combination is neutral tones like white, beige, and wooden elements. It makes a statement that livens up the bathroom, dominating with its electric blue color and lined with a touch of a quirky chandelier at the very center of the ceiling.

Create a Bright & Airy Mood

Create a Bright & Airy Mood - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Nothing beats a peaceful sanctuary like this bright and airy bathroom, which thankfully has a large space. The combination between visible wooden beams and sky hole on the ceiling strengthens the vibe, sending a lot of natural lights inside. It outlines every feature, such as the subtle texture on the floor and wall.

Install Mediterranean Chandelier

Install Mediterranean Chandelier - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

This spacious bathroom has a strong Mediterranean look and feel, which is shown through each element visible. But compared to the fully equipped surface, the ceiling will be pretty empty if it is not for the classic chandelier that is installed on the recessed area.

Bring the Cloud Inside

Bring the Cloud Inside - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Here is another luxurious Mediterranean bathroom design you can adopt for your bathroom, especially for the ceiling part. The design is undoubtedly fascinating, but what makes the most significant difference would be the cloud-painted ceiling, giving a touch of bright tone in a neutral-colored bathroom. The part is highlighted by the vintage chandelier.

Follow the Curve

Follow the Curve - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Leaving things in their natural form is sometimes better than making a revolutionary change. Such as this attic bathroom, which features a curved ceiling and layered by shiplap wood and contour-following beams. Add yellow bulbs to accentuate the natural wooden color.

Emphasize the Impressive Architecture

Emphasize the Impressive Architecture - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

The arched ceiling is the epitome of elegance for a design. Consider a permanent feature such as this one in the Mediterranean bathroom design. Its impressive architectural ceiling stands out effortlessly, supported by a pair of hanging chandeliers.

Opt for Mosaic Tiles

Opt for Mosaic Tiles - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Create a borderless design by applying the same mosaic tiles for the whole surface of the bathroom. Instead of boring, it shows your distinctive design taste since choosing mosaic tiles is an unusual idea. Thankfully, the large sunflower backdrop gives a stylish touch to the monochromatic design.

Open Up for Natural Lights

Open Up for Natural Lights - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Making skylights on the bathroom ceiling might sending too much of natural lights, blinding your vision instead of refreshing. If this is the case, opt for a partial skylight, which only shines the vanity area, creating a dramatic effect inside the bathroom.

Use Plenty of Recessed Lightings

Use Plenty of Recessed Lightings - Bathroom Ceiling IdeasUse Plenty of Recessed Lightings - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

A grand chandelier is not suitable for minimalist bathrooms, but you shouldn’t let your bathroom ceiling empty and untouched. Planting many recessed lights will help the bathroom lightings, making it even brighter and warm.

Go for Rustic Style

Go for Rustic Style - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Bring the traditional rustic feeling into your bathroom by consistently using one material: woods. The timeworn wooden beams on the ceiling make a prominent feature of the design, thanks to its oversized appearance that is similar to the entrance frame.

Feature a Skylight

Feature a Skylight - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Don’t lose hope when your bathroom comes with a low or tilted ceiling. There is still a way to make it more noticeable, like creating a transparent skylight. More than just stylish, you don’t need to turn on the electricity during the day.

Try Tin Ceilings

Try Tin Ceilings - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

This urban-inspired tiny bathroom has one prominent focal point that will be noticed right from the first sight: the corrugated tin ceilings with a lot of rusty parts. This distinctive choice makes a quirky design that is hard to find everywhere.

Combine Wallpaper and Chandelier

Combine Wallpaper and Chandelier - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Wallpapers, just like the name, are made to brighten your wall. But nobody ever says you couldn’t use is to beautify your ceiling, right? No need to go as extreme as wrapping the whole surface with wallpaper, but the combination of wallpaper and chandelier, as seen above, is enough to emphasize the ceiling.

Fall for White

Fall for White - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

If you are dreaming of a clean and simple bathroom design, there is no better choice than white. Brushing white painting for the ceiling won’t make your bathroom appears boring. Note the splash of black, greenery, and patterned flooring, which balance it perfectly.

Choose Shiplap Accent

Choose Shiplap Accent - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Shiplap wood is mandatory if you want to create a perfect farmhouse-style bathroom. Thanks to the design simplicity, the ceiling feature looks stand out and even has a finishing touch with the cage lamp. Keep the design clean and minimalist by eliminating the need for ornaments.

Go Lux With Varnished Wood Beam

Go Lux With Varnished Wood Beam - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Nature-driven material like wood can make a luxurious design for your bathroom. The combination of the partial skylight and varnished beams accentuated the high ceiling, intentionally placed right above the bathtub to highlight the area. The excessive natural light pierces through the ceiling makes every element look so visible.

Create a Tropical Vibe

Create a Tropical Vibe - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

For a person who loves to take inspiration from nature, this modern bathroom design with tropical touches is the most suitable for you. Put two large potted plants on the corner of the bathroom and let the ceiling appears in wooden boards with a recessed center, accentuated with crystal chandelier placed in the very heart of it.

Accent With Wooden Ceiling

Accent With Wooden Ceiling - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

This black and white bathroom is balanced with a touch of the wooden element. The wall is covered by the seamless-looking subway tiles, pushing out the wooden boards that stacked up together to make up the ceiling. To let the ceiling feature stand out, the lamp is installed on the wall instead. The lacks of décors and ornaments emphasize the minimalism of the design.

Highlight the Wooden Logs

Highlight the Wooden Logs - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Take a look at this stylish industrial bathroom design that is made up of two major elements: bronze sink and woods. While there is so much to look at, the most prominent feature would be the wooden logs designated stalactites hung from the ceiling.

Install Wooden Slats

Install Wooden Slats - Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

This bathroom design has a strong Asian influence due to the dominating wooden elements and beige color that fills in the wall and flooring. The ceiling itself originally has a similar tone as the wall and floor. But, its look is enhanced by the wooden slats that are installed on the ceiling.

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