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25 Gorgeous Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas You’re Going to Love

By Ristra January 5, 2021

Are you looking for some cool Scandinavian bathroom ideas to remodel your bathroom decor? Today we will share some extraordinary examples with you, which hopefully can help you to create a Scandinavian atmosphere in the most private part of your home. You may be intimidated to posh up your bathroom because of the many choices that make you overwhelmed to determine what style is most suitable for your bathroom space. The decoration elements that we will show today are the concepts that emphasize the minimalist themes, which are very typical of Scandinavian style. It is because Scandinavians use naturally bright items to create a completely simple, beautiful, yet functional finishing touch in one package. If you need a thorough guide to help you get an attractive bathroom, then take a look at some of our inspiring Scandinavian bathroom ideas.

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Get an Awesome Lighting

Get an Awesome Lighting - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

Nordic or Scandinavian-style lighting is among the popular choices for creating a simple yet inviting and elegant atmosphere in contemporary houses. If you want to match the most private parts of your home with a Scandinavian minimalist style, adjust the lighting in your bathroom with Scandinavian or Nordic lamps, which usually comes with a variety of types. In this beautiful bathroom, the designer handpicked LED lights with a cool white beam on both the ceiling and accent on the wall to match the bathroom’s overall cool and dramatic ambiance.

Use Built-In Storage for Extra Space

Use Built-In Storage for Extra Space - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

When you are worried that your cramped space does not allow you to decorate your bathroom space according to your Scandinavian style preferences, built-in-storage is a clever trick. It will offer you extra storage room to keep out the clutter from your sight while still giving you that stylish finishing touch. In this simple bathroom, the designer chose floor-to-ceiling shelves to suppress the usage of limited space on the floor.

Expose Concrete Wall

Expose Concrete Wall - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

We always love concrete, especially on bathroom walls, which never fails to create a big statement in an instant while doing it very fashionable as if no other natural contemporary materials could do it that well!

Play With Dotted Tiles

Play With Dotted Tiles - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

For adding style, think about dotted tiles! It is a good way to decorate your Scandinavian bathroom without giving the impression of being “too cramped” that can make you or your guests feel overwhelmed with it (this especially is impressive for small space!). They are very popular now, and you might want to consider getting a chic look like the one in this bathroom.

Install Floating Vanity

Install Floating Vanity - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

Add functionality and elegant style to your contemporary bathroom with a floating vanity. A floating vanity offers an illusion of additional space that works perfectly for a cramped bathroom, and this helps to form an elegant contemporary style, instantly transforming an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary one. You can also provide additional exposure throughout the room because this option shrinks the visual weight of bathroom vanity and sinks.

Fix Herringbone Wall Tiles

Fix Herringbone Wall Tiles - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

You will be surprised to learn how easy it is to bring a cool style into your Scandinavian bathroom, simply by learning the simple trick of combining these Herringbone tiles! Herringbone patterns can be obtained by simply arranging rectangular tiles resembling a pattern from the bones of a Herring fish. It is one of the most attainable trends for creating bold linear features on the walls or floors of your amazing bathroom.

Add a Ladder Storage

Add a Ladder Storage - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

For small spaces, we strongly encourage you to think vertically: turn an old wooden or metal ladder into a storage rack to hang your personal hygiene needs. This idea can help you to stay neat, organized, and clean while providing a stylish kick to beautify your simple bathroom at the same time. For extra storage space, add some wire racks to store small necessities or even potted greeneries!

Embrace Large Window

Embrace Large Window - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

If you have always been boosting your windowless bathroom under the pretext of “prioritizing privacy”, now you need to know the ultimate reason for upgrading your windowless bathroom. Windows – especially the large ones – help add dimension to your bathroom, giving a larger appearance. The natural light that illuminates your bathroom also creates the illusion of a small space that looks brighter and welcoming, in which these concepts scream out a Scandinavian theme.

Pull Up a Leaner Vanity Mirror

Pull Up a Leaner Vanity Mirror - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

We highly recommend leaning vanity mirrors for beauty lovers out there who want to achieve the flawless makeup look without worrying about the hassle of bending down or getting close to the mirror because of its vast coverage. Besides, this option also works as a glossy addition to your private space for creating that deep impression, reflecting an open and wide space.

Stick to Monochrome Themes

Stick to Monochrome Themes - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

The monochrome theme is a perfect combination that will never go out of style; it will always look amazing for years, so you don’t have to worry about what style is great to keep up with the changing seasons and color trends. Also, ranging from minimalist or industrial Scandinavian style, monochrome themes are suitable for a variety of styles that you can easily adjust to suit your personal taste.

Use Mosaic Tiles

Use Mosaic Tiles - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

There are a multitude of innovative uses of mosaic tiles that are perfectly paired with other natural rock displays, especially if you crave a bathroom with an attractive and harmonious Scandinavian design. You can use it as a shower wall, highlighting the bathtub to bring an elegant touch to the bathroom stool around your vanity.

Make the Open Shower the Lead

Make the Open Shower the Lead - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

By far, we all know how much Scandinavians preach the simplicity and elegance of interior designs, making the most out of a simple item and taking it to the next level for better utility. That is to say, “less is better” is essential that needs to be highlighted when you take a plunge to remodel your bathroom into a Scandinavian style. It’s best represented with minimal use of items while managing to utilize it as best as possible. This open shower has given a perfect portrait of how simplicity speaks louder than anything.

Have Fun With Patterned Flooring

Have Fun With Patterned Flooring - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

If you cannot go well with minimalism and dream of a little kick of fun in your private space, a patterned floor is an essential key to fulfill that dream. As long as you are good at determining which are the suitable patterns that have random yet uniform color to beautify your bathroom, you are guaranteed to add to the appeal of the space.

Highlight Your Potted Greenery

Highlight Your Potted Greenery - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

You can get extra benefits from greeneries in addition to its abundant oxygen production. Put some potted greeneries in your bathroom and notice how beautiful the contrast created between contemporary features and the natural touches that are displayed.

Add Some Potted Plants

Add Some Potted Plants - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

If you want to upgrade the aesthetic level of your bathroom, it’s time to add some potted plants. There are a lot of plants that grow well in the bathroom (and of course easy to care for), but as shown in this ultramodern bathroom, we will advise you to add palm plants as decorative accessories as well as eye-catching accents.

Add a Raw Wood Stool

Add a Raw Wood Stool - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

Raw wood exudes another level of warmth and texture that can provide an essential statement for each look of the Scandinavian style that you want to highlight. Even by placing a small accent (as in a stool of in this bathroom), you have managed to create a contemporary but calming ambiance.

Give It a Relaxing Vibe

Give It a Relaxing Vibe - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

A bathroom with a rejuvenating and relaxing vibe does not always have to be a traditional feel. As shown in this modern decor bathroom, you can highlight clean, uncluttered lines. This simple hidden place is ideal for freeing yourself from overwhelming worldly demands.

Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

How do you keep your bathroom relatively simple while still able to manage a chic Scandinavian theme? It doesn’t straightly mean that we will ask you to empty out your bathroom space from any essential you might need but instead try to keep all surfaces clear and clean. Make sure that you have ample storage to keep everything in place. Also, don’t miss out the chance to accentuate your space with one decorative accent, be it an accent wall, flooring, or piece of your favorite furnishing.

Experiment With Subway Tiles

Experiment With Subway Tiles - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

Although tile is an incredibly flexible item of decoration, it comes in an enormous amount of variations, which is making it impossible to figure out exactly which one best suits your home. You won’t go wrong with a classic, though. Subway tile is a versatile and trendy solution for any area, especially for shower stalls. Plus, it fits well with most designs due to its simple style.

Install Modern Floating Vanity

Install Modern Floating Vanity - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

We cannot rule out the heavy influence of modern design on the Scandinavian style. In this bathroom, a well-polished wooden vanity and greenery in a pot show a natural touch that is full of high-value aesthetics. Although filled with a variety of furniture, this room does not lose much space because of the neat interior arrangement.

Pay Attention to Proper Tiles Selection

Pay Attention to Proper Tiles Selection - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

You will notice that the selection of a proper tile can give your bathroom a quick shift from the ol’ plain space to a gorgeous Scandinavian themed room in your house. You can mix and match the tiles used in this space, but keep in mind to make everything as well balanced as possible for achieving the infamous uniform and clean look of Scandinavian design. You can start by paying attention to this crisp bathroom, which uses two different patterns of tile, which are blending well with each other and their surroundings.

Opt for Twin Vanity

Opt for Twin Vanity - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a large space in your bathroom, then you have the opportunity to try out the following Scandinavian designs. Double the elegance of your bathroom by multiplying the amount of vanity you have for maximum beauty and versatility! Think about the personal space you can get every day: You don’t have to wait for your turn to use your vanity because each person has a sink area to use at any time.

Choose Two-Toned Colors

Choose Two-Toned Colors - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

If the Scandinavian theme generally makes you bored with the “dull” color schemes, then this idea might solve your problem. Two-toned colors are one of the rising trends recently, and this trend is suitable for bringing a little splash of color to your bathroom. As in this Scandinavian-styled bathroom, we fall in love with the stark midnight blue that creates an attractive bathroom color scheme. In contrast to the texture and white tiles, the two-toned colors are perfect for you who crave for an out of the box theme.

Choose White Marble

Choose White Marble - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

Marble – especially white marble – will always look stylish in whatever interior décor style you apply in your bathroom. It creates a classy and classic accent, especially if you put it on the shower wall and around the tub. What’s more, you only need to clean the marble in your bathroom with granite cleaner and regularly seal it to easily keep its timeless beauty over the time.

Try a Wooden Vanity Counter

Try a Wooden Vanity Counter - Scandinavian Bathroom Ideas

Wood, as one of the classic building materials, can adjust to any Scandinavian style preferences that you want, be it a traditional or modern look. This contemporary brown and white vanity accentuates the use of wood as its top to achieve a modern look that is both warm and contrasts with the whiteness emitted from the bathroom area. A perfect idea for you who dream of a modern, clean profile.

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