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22 Chic and Stylish Pink Bathroom Ideas for Your Inspiration

By Indah Nur Ariviani April 28, 2021

The pink bathroom is not a bad idea, to begin with. While you may not have a living room in the house, you can’t go without a bathroom. The modern bathroom designs suggest basic colors in the monochromatic shade in the likes of black and white. But, you can always go for a bolder, more vibrant color such as pink!

Bringing the color inside the most private part in the house will indeed make it brighter and not so much like a bathroom. From the layered patterns, antique furniture, minimalist design, and the white-combination bathroom will set your mood for the day.

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Opt for Antique Décor

Opt for Antique Décor - Pink Bathroom Ideas

With three different shades of pink, the bathroom’s look is completed with an array of antique décor. Instead of toiletries, the recessed shelves are used to display ornaments from the past. The old-fashioned vanity desk, visible cable, and switch, as well as the unwashed floor, defines the timeless style of a bathroom.

Wrap the Wall

Wrap the Wall - Pink Bathroom Ideas

Combining pink with primary colors is the best way to make it stand out. The long vanity desk looks vividly bright against the marble top and white flooring. Giving a more stylish touch into the room is the black and white wallpaper wrapping the upper half of the wall. It also highlights the large mirror, which often becomes the most prominent part in bathrooms.

Touch of Blue

Touch of Blue - Pink Bathroom Ideas

Instead of white, which remains the most favorite partner for pinks, electric blue gives an eclectic vibe to the bathroom. While everything else is in solid pink, the vanity desk appears in an eye-catching blue. The glass wall frame and thin ladder reflected through the mirror are other blue accents that wouldn’t slip out of sight.

Look at the Chandelier

Look at the Chandelier - Pink Bathroom Ideas

The small corner looks somewhat like a dressing area where you do makeup and hair before stepping out. This dry bathroom has a futuristic washbowl style, but what makes it so pinkish is the chandelier in the ceiling. Sending warm lights to the room below, it adds luxury into the sophisticated bathroom.

Use the Corner

Use the Corner - Pink Bathroom Ideas

An empty corner shouldn’t be left abandoned. Create a stylish vanity in pink with pastel combination. The vintage-style vanity desk was made floating to keep the floor clean. As this is just a small corner, avoid putting too much stuff on it. The placement of two potted greeneries breath lives into the room.

Make It Big

Make It Big - Pink Bathroom Ideas

Sometimes, all you need is one big statement. Dubbed as a pink bathroom, the big flowers as wallpaper patterns set it right instantly. Balancing the magnificent backdrop is a small bathtub and wooden tiles. It is not suggested to bring more stuff in since the wall behind has taken over the room already.

Enhance the Light

Enhance the Light - Pink Bathroom Ideas

Coated in pink and white, the bathroom is added with splashes of colors to create a fun and chic design. On one side of the wall, there’s a floor-to-ceiling glass door that gives exposure to the room, making it feels warm and welcoming. The wall behind the closet appears in a darker pink to create an accent.

Enhance the Look

Enhance the Look - Pink Bathroom Ideas

If a word can describe this bathroom, it would be luxurious. Golden elements accentuate the pink bathroom, appearing as thin lines that frame the mirror, bathtub partition, and faucets. While the bathroom might look plain without ornaments, the large flower-patterned tiles are placed by the tub, as well as the chic rainbow chandelier above.

Splashing with Colors

Splashing with Colors - Pink Bathroom Ideas

The lovely bathroom has its whole wall and ceiling in bright pink, very much defining the theme. As the flooring and desk are in white, the pink color looks stand out even more and dominating the whole room. However, the tiny potted plant looks splashing and visible, giving accent to the bathroom.

Opt for a Large Mirror

Opt for a Large Mirror - Pink Bathroom Ideas

A simple trick works best for one small space. The modern and minimalist bathroom may be dominated in white, but what really steals your attention is the bold pink vanity desk and the large mirror above it. With little to no pattern for the upper area of the room, three sconces are mounted against the mirror.

Mind the Layer

Mind the Layer - Pink Bathroom Ideas

There are many things you can do to make the bathroom full and content. Playing with layers of patterns may not seem ideal, but once you find the right combination, it will turn the room into the beautiful one. Small patterned tiles are chosen for the upper wall, while the lower part has large patterns and in a darker shade as well. To balance the fullness, keep the wall and floor ornaments minimal.

Going Simple in Minimalist

Going Simple in Minimalist - Pink Bathroom Ideas

Such one roomy bathroom with a single shade of pink. Everything is kept minimalist, from the vanity desk, rounded mirror, and floating toilet seat. The same colors are used for walls and floors, creating the illusion of an integrated and spacious room. Elegance exudes from the small white beam just above the mirror.

Play With Pattern

Play With Pattern - Pink Bathroom Ideas

Another ‘playing with pattern’ ideas to separate sections in a bathroom. Mosaic tiles are for the bathtub area, accentuated with two-tone wall colors by the side. The tiles may have stolen the spotlight, but the accent wall with the embossed pattern behind the tiny floating vanity is also worth highlighting as well.

Use Ornate Mirrors

Use Ornate Mirrors - Pink Bathroom Ideas

You may want to have a pink bathroom, but you should know where the focal point lies. Speaking of which, it shouldn’t be the pink itself. The focal point defines the uniqueness of the bathroom, such as by choosing ornate mirrors as above. No need to mention the pinkish shade, the mirrors speak for themselves.

Combine It!

Combine It! - Pink Bathroom Ideas

White remains the favorite combination for pink, but choosing a more vivid color will not shift the attention. The magenta pink vanity desk is accompanied by the vibrant orange from the velvety mats and curtain. Both surprisingly bring the fun and energizing vibe into the bathroom.

Push the Pink

Push the Pink - Pink Bathroom Ideas

There is no better way to push the pink color into view other than giving plenty of whites on it. With only pink cabinets, it won’t be enough to define the bathroom. But, the floral pink valance on the window says it all.

Opt for a Sliding Door

Opt for a Sliding Door - Pink Bathroom Ideas

Not much space means not much room to work with. While your bathroom still needs a door, opt for the space-savvy sliding barn door. It doesn’t take up much space, but stylish enough to separate the private area. The similar wall color indicates that the bathroom is a part of the larger yet invisible room.

Going Twinnies

Going Twinnies - Pink Bathroom Ideas

The pretty bathroom design for little girls has a large, double vanity desk in it. Pink colors are visible, not too much that it won’t make the room monotonous. This creates a balance between the two colors, yet it’s still safe to call it a pink bathroom.

Go Back in Vintage

Go Back in Vintage - Pink Bathroom Ideas

The spacious bathroom is filled with vintage vibes from every corner. The four-legged bathtub looks like it comes out of a fairy tale, along with above ornaments and sconces. The pale pink wall is also patterned with very old-fashioned linings.

Let it Shine

Let it Shine - Pink Bathroom Ideas

The magenta pink serves as a perfect accent wall in the midst of the all-white design. On each side of the twin wooden-framed mirror mounted on the wall, sconces with brilliant yellow lights flaunt an elegant yet mysterious side of the room.

Choose the Classic

Choose the Classic - Pink Bathroom Ideas

Here comes the most classic combination of pink and white. The pink appears only for the wall paint, while everything else is in white to make sure that nothing is more visible than the wall itself. The simple design suits someone who prefers a clean-cut bathroom.

Give It Accent

Give It Accent - Pink Bathroom Ideas

Among the dark floor, pink accent wall, and white walls, there stood a rectangular wooden stool in the center. It’s always great to bring some natural elements in a modern design, and just one stool can do the job.

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