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22 Inspiring Black Bedroom Ideas

By Indah Nur Ariviani January 23, 2021

While it is widely believed that dark colors tend to make any space look smaller, opting for a black bedroom is never a bad choice. If you are not convinced yet, we are going to give you some stunning black bedroom ideas that could wake up your senses. The noir shade could sometime create an opposite illusion – leaving the impression that the room is more spacious than it actually is. Also, it doesn’t have to be that dark if you know how to play with a splash of colors, textures, and patterns rightly. Let’s check out our recommendation below.

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Put an Artsy Décor

Put an Artsy Décor - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

Choosing classic ornament in vivid colors such as gold will indeed make it more visible. In the middle of the blank and black wall, the artsy décor comes in old-fashioned style is what stealing most attention. Channeling the gold is a pair of pale yellow pillows, as well and the chevron-patterned pillows to give a touch of texture.

Opt for Seamless Bed & Bath

Opt for Seamless Bed & Bath - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

This tricky illusion turns out to be so stylish. A very simple black bedroom with an equally dark floor bed, illuminated only by a dim of the yellow lamp. Adapting the bed & bath concept, the two-room is designed seamlessly and separated only by a glass door and artistic partition that accentuate the bed.

Match Made in Heaven

Match Made in Heaven - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

Black and white are like two faces of a coin you can never separate. As if they come in a set, the combination of both colors amazingly exudes either classic or minimalistic modern vibes, according to what style you prefer. Given that black is the main theme, white is splashed here and there to highlight particular aspects.

Going Classic With Canopy

Going Classic With Canopy - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

Fortunately, black is a neutral color that can be easily mixed and combined with any other colors and, in fact, elements. Striped thin woods serves as the accent wall for the modern-canopy bed without drapes to highlight its minimalism. The wooden flooring is another thing to be noticed, which is not losing to the black and white domination.

Make It Colorful

Make It Colorful - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

If you think that white suits colorful combinations perfectly, so does black. Despite its darkness, many might reluctant to add some splash of colors in it. You don’t need much, but a slight colorful splash can make big differences into the room. While it remains noticeable, the colors’ existence makes it more attractive.

Get Cozy in Black

Get Cozy in Black - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

Black and cozy are all you need to create a peaceful retreat. Blessed with the unrivaled view beyond the window, at the same time, you ensure a lot of lights coming in. Look how the black looks majestic with the track lighting hidden under the platform above and below the bed, telling you where to look at.

Play With Curve

Play With Curve - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

Futuristic feeling flaunted so much from the room, thanks to the monochromatic shade chosen and curvy furniture that shows modernity at its best. Accompanying the simple and big cozy bed are the highly-curved reading lamp and the arm-curved chair, which comes in opposite colors.

Wrapped Up in Earthy Tone

Wrapped Up in Earthy Tone - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

This could be the last thing you have ever thought since combining black and earthy tones is something very unlikely. While the original wall is white, a floor-to-ceiling black shade was installed behind the back, thankfully working double as accent wall as well. The dark color seems to blend well with the white wall and curtain, as well as the wooden flooring and bed platform.

Create a Stylish Farmhouse

Create a Stylish Farmhouse - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

According to the manual, the farmhouse décor style has to be filled with light colors and a lot of wooden elements. It’s time for you black lovers to create a fusion. Applying black on a farmhouse style bedroom gives it a more modern look without leaving the essence of a classic itself. Wood remains the main theme, but it appears in black instead of natural light-colored. Only the flooring stays to the natural texture.

Comfy Fluffy

Comfy Fluffy - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

The combination of black and white can successfully reduce the dark and noir vibe into the bedroom. Putting a fluffy rug under the bed not only highlight the most important part of the room but also exude a comfy and homey feeling in it. The texture and color are even more possible against the dark wall and floor.

Try the Glass Divider

Try the Glass Divider - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

Separating different areas in the bedroom is necessary for comfort and privacy. Not only by the flooring but putting doors in-between spaces will make the room more stylish too. The sliding glass door, for example, has separated the bathroom and sleeping area effortlessly and, at the same time, letting the lights come in to illuminate the further part of the room.

Shining Gold Pendant

Shining Gold Pendant - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

Black can be undeniably dark at times, and if you are not fond of blending it with white, opt for shiny color instead. A pair of low-hanging pendants of both sides of the bed makes an extraordinary lamp with a golden color that stands out so much in the midst of darkness. Just make sure that they are visible by not putting any vivid color.

A Touch of Industrial

A Touch of Industrial - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

Here goes the industrial style. Given the dark and dim that related to industrial design so much, there seems to be no perfect match for it than black. Fulfilling the mandatory industrial, yellow light lamps are chosen along with the unique fireplace on the corner.

Feel the Luxury

Feel the Luxury - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

Full of luxury, black color only adds elegance to the overall vibe. The bedding, the decor, all the way up to the hanging chandelier, is what defines the room as it stands beautifully on the black palette. Notice that everything is consistently black so that it appears more luxurious.

Spot the Patterned Bedding

Spot the Patterned Bedding - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

Playing with patterns is another way to make your black bedroom less dark. While it may become too plain and boring if you choose plain colors as the bedding, there will be nothing to look at. That’s why patterned bedding is the best option, which comes from the same monochromatic palette.

Make the Space Counts

Make the Space Counts - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

On the black and artistic accent wall, a tiny recessed bookshelf appears as eye candy. A great design tip for narrow spaces: take everything off of the floor. Aside from the bed, everything is mounted on the wall to keep it clean and spacious.

Notice the Transition

Notice the Transition - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

Putting 3 different colors in one room is tricky since if you fail to arrange the layout, it will look like a mess. A subtle transition is almost invisible. From the black ceiling and wall, then slowly change to white window sills and bedding, finally the well-covered wooden flooring below.

Define With Unique Bookshelf

Define With Unique Bookshelf - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

Another futuristic design wrapped in natural material. Consists of only two colors, the bedroom looks effortlessly stylish. As the bed is too simple, the bookshelf above takes the spotlight instead. The light color is channeling the flooring color below.

Going Back to Vintage

Going Back to Vintage - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

It’s always nice to go vintage, and your choice can never be wrong. Even though black is not the first option for the style, it turns out to be great with classic vibes. The old-fashioned golden bedside lamp is a very good choice.

Rework the Wall

Rework the Wall - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

There are a lot of ways to play with black, including redecorating the wall with wallpaper. You may put many other vibrant colors, as long as everything in white. That way, the room will not look too much and fail to look stunning.

Try the Warm Light

Try the Warm Light - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

Small but comfortable, nothing seems better to rest at night. If you have a small space but still want to try black, make it your accent wall. Create a warm mood by choosing yellow lights for the bedside and try not to put too much furniture inside.

Between the Wood

Between the Wood - Black Bedroom Design Ideas

Wood emerges to be the new match for black. While the dark wooden flooring supports the dark wall and furniture, the lighter wooden ceiling sets the mood right by making the room look brighter. Surely the large floor-to-ceiling windows play their part too.

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