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21 Charming Attic Bedroom Ideas

By Indah Nur Ariviani January 13, 2021

Often abandoned or commonly used as storage for unused things, decorating an attic bedroom holds its own challenge. With notably sloped ceiling and narrow space, attic makes a good space for a cozy sanctuary at night as long as it is given the right treatment. Turning the attic into a bedroom is a great idea, especially for a small house with a growing family. However, while trying to make the most out of the area, you have to understand what you should do and don’t. We’re going to present some charming attic bedroom from which you can take inspiration. Let’s have fun doing magic to transform the shabby room becomes unrecognizable.

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Bright in All-White

Bright in All-White - Attic Bedroom Ideas

Color choice plays a big role in creating the impression of a room. An attic can be stuffy and dark at times. Thus, coating in all-white colors and furniture seems to be a good idea. From the floor, wall, and window ceiling are white, completed with light-colored pillow and duvet. No need to add many kinds of stuff to make enough room for two persons.

Retreat in the Cabin

Retreat in the Cabin - Attic Bedroom Ideas

Nothing sounds better than retreating in the highest part of the house. Separated from the hassle below, you can find peace in this particular attic bedroom. Coming with cabin-style design, it feels like you’re in the middle of the forest instead. Nature’s feeling exudes strongly as everything is harmonized in an earthy tone.

Cozy and Warm Lights

Cozy and Warm Lights - Attic Bedroom Ideas

Bathed in warm yellow lights, the attic bedroom with a large twin bed offers calmness and warmth. Separating both is a small wooden nightstand stacked with books. Such a perfect room to call it a day while reading into your favorite books to invite the sleepiness. Without any lights and lamps added, the bedroom looks dreamy and romantic.

Make the Ceiling Clear

Make the Ceiling Clear - Attic Bedroom Ideas

An illusion is the best friend of a narrow and dark space. Making the attic ceiling completely transparent not only make it looks more spacious but brighter as well. Low platform bedroom is also chosen so to make a wider space from the floor to the ceiling. Pay attention to the bedroom layout with the mounted shelf behind the bed.

Warm Up Yourself with a Fireplace

Warm Up Yourself With a Fireplace - Attic Bedroom Ideas

Bigger attic means more space to decorate. Create your private spa room where you can relax and release all the stress. Standing in the center of the room is a fireplace to send warmth in every direction of the room. The roofs are replaced with large windows that are artistically separated by the sloping beams.

Get Stylish in Industrial Design

Get Stylish in Industrial Design - Attic Bedroom Ideas

Not every attic comes with a steeping ceiling. One with a flat and high ceiling makes a good space for an industrial style bedroom. While the brick walls are left intact in its shabby state, the floor and ceiling are polished for a more modern look. To complete the industrial look, metals appear in the nightstand and chair.

Separately Minimalist

Separately Minimalist - Attic Bedroom Ideas

Sleeky white surface with light wooden color for the flooring flaunts modern and minimalist feel into the attic room. The bed area is separated with a door and bookshelf to give it more privacy. As the attic is already narrow, no ornaments are added to keep it simple and minimal.

Chic in Rustic

Chic in Rustic - Attic Bedroom Ideas

Given its wooden-dominated element, rustic style can be a perfect match for the attic bedroom. A headless bed takes the spotlight in the center of the room, on a floor covered in several rugs with various tribal pattern. The only source of light comes from the bedside, which can be dimly romantic once the night falls.

Get Sleeky and Glossy

Get Sleeky and Glossy - Attic Bedroom Ideas

An attic bedroom can pull off a sleek and modern look well with the right element. This time, a glossy finish is chosen for the wooden flooring and furniture finishing. Adding the futuristic touch is a lot of texture play for the bed, which goes along just well with the overall design.

Small yet Comfortable

Small yet Comfortable - Attic Bedroom Ideas

Comfort is the top priority when it comes to designing an attic bedroom. It could be smaller than average, thus choosing colors are important. White remains to top the list since it could make any room looks bright and spacious. The combination with pastel colors and wooden elements can’t be more perfect. As the attic is small, there’s no need to put on too many things.

Going Sophistically Monochromated

Going Sophistically Monochromated - Attic Bedroom Ideas

Just like they say, black and white never goes wrong. They will make your attic bedroom unrecognizable with total modeling only by using those two colors. The unwashed wooden flooring is left the way it is, while the rest of the room appear more modern. Setting a seating area then separate it with sectional glass doors is another great idea if the attic is spacious enough.

Make Everything Counts

Make Everything Counts - Attic Bedroom Ideas

Using the attic as a bedroom means you don’t have much choice to begin with. With the small space, utilizing every nook and corner makes one comfortable room. The big bed doesn’t need a headboard since there is no space for it as well as the sofa in the far corner. Stacking plenty of pillows on top of it creates a comfortable mood in the nature-driven attic.

Opt for Statement Lightings

Opt for Statement Lightings - Attic Bedroom Ideas

If you are tired with the mainstream classic style for an attic bedroom, go beyond ordinary. The tilted attic has its wall and ceiling made of concrete, but it’s not what steals your attention. While the mounted wooden board on the ceiling creates a statement, it even looks more prominent with the lined lightings along the frame. Mirroring it is the elevated wooden floor blow with the same lights.

Stunned by the Ceiling

Stunned by the Ceiling - Attic Bedroom Ideas

Modern attic bedroom design is capable to magically transform the space into a completely different room. The eclectic attic design uses classic wooden material for the ceiling, with a little twist is added to giving modern vibes into it. Appear bright among the basic-colored room is the vibrant orange fabric on top of the bed. Different but blends in well.

Go Back in Time

Go Back in Time - Attic Bedroom Ideas

The traditional style is timeless and still loved by many. Bring back the old feeling into your room with this vintage attic bedroom design. Dominated by white colors and wooden elements, everything is in a very old style, from the low platform bed to the desk and chair. On top of that, the pattern for pillows and duvet is also the one that you see at grandma’s house in the past.

Twinning in the Farmhouse

Twinning in the Farmhouse - Attic Bedroom Ideas

Farmhouse design reminds you of the countryside immediately. The homey and comfy style can be adapted to the empty attic, using it as a bedroom for two. Twin single beds with identical arrangements and designs are placed on the opposite side of the room. The big beams on the ceiling define the style, appear beautifully against the white ceiling.

Beauty in Vintage

Beauty in Vintage - Attic Bedroom Ideas

Another pretty attic bedroom in vintage design. Each furniture stands out in its own way because the room has a white ceiling and flooring, making everything in it noticeable. Even the asymmetrical beams on it look pretty. The bed, desk, and cupboard are made of wood in a very old design, bringing out the vintage feel.

Going Earthy in White

Going Earthy in White - Attic Bedroom Ideas

The popular earthy tone seems to be a match made in heaven with the attic bedroom. Your bedroom can be looking very homey and inviting with the touch of earth, standing out prominently in an all-white room. A pair of bedside tables, a chair, and a rounded woven rug stated the down-to-earth design even more.

Nook the Window

Nook the Window - Attic Bedroom Ideas

A window hidden in the nook makes a big difference when you design an attic bedroom. You can build a three-tier shelf on each side of it, creating a space you can rarely have in the small room. Just in front of the window stands a cozy sofa, while storages that are built under every furniture make everything counts.

Create Accent With the Beams

Create Accent With the Beams - Attic Bedroom Ideas

Regardless of the design you choose, there should be one focal point in there. An all-white room couldn’t more common than it is now, but one feature can distinct your bedroom from others. This time, three wooden beams are lined on the wall ceiling, appear in contrasting colors that can be noticed right from the first glance.

Let’s Go Yellow

Let’s Go Yellow - Attic Bedroom Ideas

One more classic design attic bedroom with twin beds. Even though it’s full of vintage vibe thanks to the accent wall and ceiling pattern, the vivid yellow color indeed makes a difference. However, the knitted rug and duvet doesn’t leave the traditional feeling, strangely get along well with the modern fur rugs.

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