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20 Small Entryway Ideas and Pretty Things to Decorate Your Entrance

By Ristra December 25, 2020

It certainly feels nice if each of your return is welcomed with an exquisitely decorated home. It feels even better to walk through the door to the entrance that provides a variety of facilities for all your needs: a place to hang your coat, a tray for storing keys, and accent ornaments that brighten your day. Each house certainly has an entryway, but not everyone knows what to do with it, especially if you have a narrow one. Sometimes this room is one of the most difficult to decorate and arrange because often it will be a “dumping” place for everything that goes into the house with you. If at this time you are also experiencing the same confusion because of your entryway, catch up on impressive inspiration on the following tips about small entryway ideas to maximize the space.

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Large Mirror

Large Mirror - Small Entryway Ideas

Mirror is a pivotal trinket that you must present at the entryway for various reasons. People check how they look before they leave the house. In addition, your guests also like to observe themselves when they set foot in. Another crucial point is the flexibility of a mirror that you can use to create the illusion of wider space to your limited space. Therefore, you don’t want to be left behind to put one elongated mirror before your entrance.

Rug: a Chic Touch

Rug: a Chic Touch - Small Entryway Ideas

At your entryway, you can use a rug with an earth, warm tone to create a chic ambiance. Combined with bookshelves and hanging shelves made of wood with a layer of white paint will make your space feel more spacious.

Bench with Storage

Bench with Storage - Small Entryway Ideas

You often “throw” a lot of things in your entryway right after you enter the house, whether it’s shoes, hats, coats, bags, or anything else. To keep your space tidy, choose a bench with double storage room where you can keep your shoes down and hang your coat on top. If you still need more additional storehouses, consider installing a hanging rack.

Cool Lighting

Cool Lighting - Small Entryway Ideas

In this space, the shades of black, gray and white go hand-in-hand with the cold beam of industrial-styled pendant lighting, bringing in the crisp but fresh vibe.

All White

All White - Small Entryway Ideas

Installing windows at your entrance allows natural light to illuminate your entryway or mudroom, while white paint covering each square in the room – from doors, storage benches, to floor-to-ceiling walls – keeps the room feeling airy, clean and neat.

Chopper Shoe Rack

Chopper Shoe Rack - Small Entryway Ideas

If you don’t have room to store your shoes collection, a simple shoe rack will get the job done. You must have a sturdy storage furniture to hold your shoes. Meanwhile, you might also want a simple shoe rack to avoid additional clutter. Therefore, copper shoe racks are an ideal element of decoration as well as room organization for your small entryway. Its typical vibrant touch serves the focal point of a modern aesthetic.

Farmhouse Style Entryway

Farmhouse Style Entryway - Small Entryway Ideas

A storage bench equipped with a hanging rack at the top is placed right in the main entryway, designed in a typical farmhouse style: exposed wood and stylish black metal pipes.

Space-savvy Storage

Space-savvy Storage - Small Entryway Ideas

Instead of rummaging through all the places to find everything you need before you slam the door, store your items on a slim storage rack. We recommend this space-savvy shelves because it’s super sleek, clean, ultramodern, and won’t take up too much space visually. In each drawer you can store your indispensable items according to different categories, making it the perfect spot to catch mails, keys, umbrellas, even shoes and raincoats.

Simple Rustic Look

Simple Rustic Look - Small Entryway Ideas

If your house is leaning towards the organic and natural styles, try placing an unpolished wooden chair just below your wall hook as a piece of furniture where you can be creative with it: try placing other decorative knickknacks on it to accentuate the natural impression you want to display. Place fresh flowers either on your chair or hang it on your wall hook as the main ornamental element of a simple but exquisitely rustic entryway.

Playing with Lanterns

Playing with Lanterns - Small Entryway Ideas

A little more fashionable but still holding a high functional value, we like this set of lanterns which are hung on a golden painted wall hook. As you probably already know, the wall hook is a clever way to hang various items of your needs, such as purses, sling bags, grocery bags, hats, or scarves without taking up any space on the floor. Uniquely, you also would not expect the other functionality from a wall hook. Like this entryway, we deliberately use it to hang a lantern as the focal point of this space. When it gets dark, you can light each candle in it to bring in warm and cozy atmosphere to the room.

Quotes on Walls

Quotes on Walls - Small Entryway Ideas

It’s not always clear about what you can carry when it comes to objects you can hang on your walls, which incidentally has limited space, especially in your entryway. There are lots of posters and other wall prints, but if you know what to look for and where to buy, there are actually lots of pretty posters and prints like this quote written on large wood, for example. Simple lines that contain profound meaning for anyone who reads.

Simple and Stylish

Simple and Stylish - Small Entryway Ideas

If you are tired of organizing things that you always just mindlessly throw on the catch-all chair, it’s time to think of a new trick. Install a wall hook that works double as a mirror where you can check your look both before or after you leave the house. This is exactly what you need, it is perfect and we highly recommend it if you want to keep your items organized. Now, switch the function of the chair as a decorative element to beautify your entrance space effortlessly.

Lush Greenery

Lush Greenery - Small Entryway Ideas

We recommend the potted palm tree as one of the indoor greenery that you can entrust to provide freshness and treatment for your body and soul. In addition, palm trees are also safe for children and animals even though they are kept in a narrow space, so it will be the perfect choice for those of you who are worried about the safety factor. The leaves are far more complicated than most of other indoor plants, but it still has a captivating charm. If you want to keep a different kind of green leaves, some of the names we would recommend include snake plants, birds of paradies, rubber plants, and monstera. However, if you want something that doesn’t take up much space on the floor, you can choose small plants as the alternatives i.e. peace lilies, orchids with single stem, or even succulents.

A Touch of Minimalism

A Touch of Minimalism - Small Entryway Ideas

This entryway which carries the concept of minimalism has everything you need to keep the space organized, and nothing else. As this space proves, a bench and mirror are two essential furnishings with high versatility.


Vanity - Small Entryway Ideas

As a beauty addict, you know that a good vanity is the best solution for storing, organizing and displaying a collection of beauty products that you have carefully curated. However, did you know that you can also place a beauty vanity in the other rooms of your house as the addition to your bedroom or bathroom? Of course, why not? If you’re running out of space to keep your entrance space neat and free from all kinds of clutter, try to bring a vanity in. It can hold various items which are prone to create the fuss, e.g. keys, purses and mails.

Narrow Space Shelves

Narrow Space Shelves - Small Entryway Ideas

For a small-sized apartment, you certainly have difficulty decorating your room, especially in a narrow entryway. Want to keep the room neat but don’t know how to arrange your furnitures? Find a slim storage rack and maximize the shelf space. The main key lies in your vertical way of thinking. Instead of laying everything on the floor, store it neatly on the shelves which are lined up ascending and hidden inside the wall to keep the mess from your sight.

Bold Artwork

Bold Artwork - Small Entryway Ideas

Be it small or large, putting an artwork in your entryway is the simpliest way to create big statement for the entire space. Clean the wall and set the stage to gather the crowd’s eyes on your impressive entrance.

Twin Stools

Twin Stools - Small Entryway Ideas

We love this entryway look, where you can find twin stools for you or your guest putting on hats, placing purses, sitting and removing shoes, or simply taking a breather for a few minutes.

Ottoman with Storage

Ottoman with Storage - Small Entryway Ideas

Brighten up your entryway with simple sophistication from the versatile ottoman bench with storage space at the bottom. Made by hand from solid wood and covered in neutral colored fabrics, this ottoman holds a special spot from various other pieces of furniture to complete your entryway.

Glossy and Gorgeous

Glossy and Gorgeous - Small Entryway Ideas

Give your guest a bright welcome by maximizing your entryway walls as a display for oval-shaped mirrors surrounded by a warm glow that spoil your eyes.

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