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20 Pergola Ideas for a Shady and Stylish Backyard

By Indah Nur Ariviani December 26, 2020

To make the outdoor spaces look shady and stylish as ever, all you need are these pergola ideas. Pergola will indeed make everything looks beautiful, shading you from the scorching light and certain style even protects from rain. Choosing the right style for pergola can be challenging, whether it’s for an empty land or to cover existing patio and porch. Make sure you know what kind of vibe you want to unleash from the pergola so it will be easier to choose the model. Find the most unique pergola through these 20 different options below:

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Beauty by the Beach

Beauty by the Beach - Pergola Ideas

While the beach is always hot during the day, the pretty pergola will save it. Stand out among the grey sands, blue sea, and green plants, not only it can be functional but also stylish. Thin curtains are placed on both sides of the pergola as well as the covered roof so that the under will be perfectly protected.

Open Black Painted

Open Black Painted - Pergola Ideas

Creating an open pergola on open space is a great idea. Feel the nature vibe piercing into your soul by while relaxing under the pergola with no cover. Painted in black, it blends well with other natural elements surrounding. This style can be adapted to your backyard, even when you have small spaces to begin with!

Contemporary Stylish

Contemporary Stylish - Pergola Ideas

Who doesn’t falling in love with this pergola design? Simple yet stunning, the large pergola steals attention right from the very first glance. Keeping the natural dark brown wooden color, it comes with a little twist at the end with its tilted trapezoid shape. Without any addition of textures and patterns, the pergola looks beautiful already.

Cozy Combination

Cozy Combination - Pergola Ideas

Woods are the top pick for pergola materials since it exudes natural vibes that go along with outdoor area. Pergola doesn’t always have to stand on its own – you may attach it close to the main house. How close and open your pergola will be is completely according to your preference. Don’t be afraid to try an unusual pergola design, such as combining two colors at a time. While the rest are painted in a very dark color, the left part is prominently white.

Romantic Filament Bulbs

Romantic Filament Bulbs - Pergola Ideas

Hanging yellow filament bulbs on the pergola ceiling creates a romantic nuance to the space. In addition to that, everything is completely made out of wood. A good setting for outdoor dining with your loved ones, not to forget the lush of greeneries scattered all over the corner.

Floor Lighting

Floor Lighting - Pergola Ideas

Forget about the hanging lights on pergola – it’s mandatory yet too mainstream. Try to light it from the floor, which will be elegant during the night. To make the floor lighting noticeable, no need to put many things on it: a set of dining table and a pair of large potted plants will do.

Glass Roof and Wall

Glass Roof and Wall - Pergola Ideas

Go beyond ordinary with this pergola style. The main structures are made of solid wood painted in black with wooden flooring in white. Its difference lies in the transparent glass wall and roof that covers the top and one side of it. To complete the look, the wooden path was built from the house’s patio to the pergola.

Hanging Relax Chair

Hanging Relax Chair - Pergola Ideas

Pergola often comes with simple and light design since its main function is to cover the patio or porch which is created for relaxation. That is why it’s best to put fluffy sofas under the pergola and even a hanging chair for a little cozy swing while reading your favorite book. You may cover the ceiling completely to protect the below space from extreme weather.

Modern Lantern Lighting

Modern Lantern Lighting - Pergola Ideas

Lighting is one of the most important parts of a pergola. Since it situated in the outdoor area, it can either be dim or flashy. The first one is perfect for a romantic dinner setting, such as using a pair of modern lantern lighting hung on the center of the pergola ceiling. While an open pergola is always as stylish as ever, you may add curtains for privacy and decoration.

Outdoor Barbeque Venue

Outdoor Barbeque Venue - Pergola Ideas

Due to its cozy, relaxing, and sophisticated feelings, many people use the space under the pergola for dining, which is just perfect. Go one step ahead by adding an outdoor barbeque kitchen on it. The open pergola is perfect for family gatherings and low-key celebrations, as well as inviting your friends over for a barbeque party.

Pool Side

Pool Side - Pergola Ideas

Another suitable place for a pergola is none other than poolside. If you plan to build a poolside pergola, mind the design first. Dismiss the idea of a closed pergola and use partial façades instead. For temporary protection, you may use curtains that hung artistically on the pergola ceiling.

Raised Floor

Raised Floor - Pergola Ideas

To highlight a pergola and make it visible for afar, raised the floor so that it stands higher than the land. A pergola may look modern, contemporary, etc. by the design, but woods remain its primary material. As for the modern pergola above, instead of sofa, it uses an L-shaped wooden seating on the corner with a lot of pillows.

Romantic Backyard

Romantic Backyard - Pergola Ideas

Create a simple and romantic dining area right on your backyard using pergola. While the design may vary, lighting is the most important part you must pay attention to. Placing plenty of yellow bulbs and lining string lights on the ceiling creates dim lighting that fuels the romance. Don’t forget to place small lights that illuminate the way towards the pergola.

Rooftop Pergola

Rooftop Pergola - Pergola Ideas

When you got a spacious rooftop area and feel bad to waste it for nothing, build a pergola instead. As much as it will be relaxing as the poolside or backyard pergola, a rooftop pergola even provides a stunning view that the other two don’t have. It will be a perfect place to relax and unwind after a long tiring day. As this will be a rooftop pergola, it should be covered well.

Splash of Purple

Splash of Purple - Pergola Ideas

Another pergola that comes in style right from your backyard. Lies in the middle of the wood, the pergola is covered well on the two sides. The splashed of purple on the sofa and pillows add some pretty colors on it, as well as the colorful potted flowers that placed on every corner.

String Lights

String Lights - Pergola Ideas

Speaking about the pergola lighting, you can see why string bulbs are the favorite. Aside from its looking stylish for the design, it also provides sufficient lights for the pergola: not too much but enough. Also, pergola consists of plenty of natural elements, which match perfectly with the bulbs.

White Curtains

White Curtains - Pergola Ideas

Many people don’t like to cover their pergola permanently or completely, but they still need protection from sunlight during the day. Which is why white curtains are popular as a cover since it works as both protection and decoration.

White Furniture

White Furniture - Pergola Ideas

Even though pergola is always made of wood, you can pick a certain style according to the designs. An open and simple pergola looks very much modern, as well as the all-white furniture placed under. Details like simple white partial façade, lifted floor, and floor lighting is another things not to be missed.

Wooden Pathway

Wooden Pathway - Pergola Ideas

Not less important than the pergola itself is the pathway towards it. To maintain the natural feeling, you may opt for stone or wooden pathway. It works only when the pergola is separated from the main building and built at a certain distance. Use the same wooden color and material that you do for the pergola flooring.

Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower - Pergola Ideas

Adding greeneries or flowers is never a bad idea and this pergola is solid proof. It adds pretty detail for the simple pergola, making it more colorful and alive rather than boring and empty.

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